Motorcyclist killed in El Cajon crash

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EL CAJON, Calif. — A motorcyclist was killed Friday in a collision with a compact car on an El Cajon street.

The accident occurred shortly before noon, when the driver of an eastbound Hyundai Elantra made a left turn directly in the path of the oncoming two-wheeler in the 1600 block of Pepper Drive, according to police.

The resulting collision killed the motorcyclist at the scene, Lt. Randy Soulard said. The victim’s name was withheld pending family notification.

The motorist, a woman in her 50s, was uninjured, the lieutenant said. It was unclear if she might face charges over the fatal accident.


  • KarenRSilva

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  • Scott V.

    “It was unclear if she might face charges over the fatal accident.” Incredible. Her actions directly took this guy’s life and they’re unsure if there will be any charges??!!! WTF??!! To start, she should have her licensed revoked for killing someone.

    • Amelia Slagill

      To the man who said she should have her license revoked, why don’t you get all the facts before you condemn her. Did you know how fast he was going? Do you know any of the circumstances?

      • Jason

        Even if the motorcyclist was going fast or had a stop sign, I do not think she should perform a left turn in front of his path.

        • Millie

          The point I was making is if a motorcycle is going very fast, they may not be in your sight as you start a turn, they are smaller than a car and can be out of sight and on you in a second. I’m very sorry for the victim and the driver. She’ll have to live with that forever. His family has lost a loved one.

        • 93021

          She would never have attempted to make the turn if she saw him. She is a very careful driver from what i hear. I have almost been hit by the rider multiple times just backing out of my driveway. He tends to use the street as a race track at all hours of day and night. I truly believe that is the cause of this tragedy which has distroyed 2 families.

      • Idiot liberals

        You’re right, she shouldn’t have her license revoked.

        She should be beaten to within an inch of her life by a pack of angry motorcyclists.

        Then, as she lay dying, the family of the dead biker should scream in her face, “How does it feel you stupid biatch?!?!”

      • tyson

        Actually he was not speeding. Officer said that in the report. Said there was no way for him to avoid the accident and she was at fault.

        • Milliemae

          how did you get that information, I understand that it’s not very ethical for an officer to give out information on an ongoing investigation. I’m not saying she is or isn’t at fault, only saying that police officers are not supposed to give an opinion or information on a case . that’s up to the D.A s office, so I assume you must know the officer personally.

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