Man arrested in death of young woman killed in hotel shower

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SAN DIEGO — A 40-year-old San Diego man was arrested Friday for allegedly killing an acquaintance, whose body was found in a common shower area at a downtown hotel.

Jason Bradwell Lewis was taken into custody in the area where 26-year- old Jhordann Reann Rust of Wisconsin was killed and was subsequently booked into jail on suspicion of first-degree murder, battery and other charges, according to San Diego police and jail records. Authorities did not immediately disclose what led them to suspect Lewis.

Rust’s body was found what appeared to be blunt force injuries to the upper body early Tuesday at a hotel in the 500 block of West Broadway near Columbia Street, San Diego police Lt. Mike Hastings said.

Hastings said homicide investigators were summoned because it was not initially clear how Rust became injured, but autopsy results later confirmed she had been killed.


  • Pro Choice means Pro Tection!

    Bad guy always gets a gun! When will California wake up to this reality? You can no more prevent bad guys from getting weapons than the Government can prevent drugs from crossing the border! The only way to keep it fair is to put protection into the hands of law abiding citizens! Anti gun legislation restricts this and discourages upright citizens from obtaining protection! SAY NO to more gun legislation and YES to Choice! Pro Choice means Pro Tection for your family, your property, and yourself!

    • Jared

      Shut up. You’re pushing your own agenda and it’s not even related to the story…just shut up and have some respect!

      • Missy Jones

        Yes it does, if she had a gun the piece of crap would be dead instead of her. He’s a career criminal, registered offender and menace society, he needs a bullet in his head, period!!!

        • Jon

          I understand that California doesn’t have a reciprocity rule, meaning that even if she had a WI conceal-carry license it wouldn’t have been deemed legal in CA. Your overall logic seems to be flawed in two ways.

          1.)You’re meaning to tell me she should’ve known to take a gun to a card-entry shower? Who doesn’t take their gun to the shower, right?

          2.)Here’s the thing Pro Section and Missy, you’re taking away from the true tragedy. This was a young individual with a future and a community that loved her. You are tarnishing this message board with garbage. Save your ridiculous agenda for a topic where it’s deemed acceptable, and show some respect. The fact that you are utilizing this tragedy as a personal soapbox for politics is sickening, just repulsive. Please be a decent human and respect her, her family, and others who recognize this as a severely unfortunate loss of life. My goodness…

          • wisco-007

            Thanks for the kind words reminding folks that she has a family, friends, and community mourning the loss of a lovely young lady. I knew her and went to school with her, and her friends and family are all heartbroken. And I may be wrong, but I really doubt she would have even wanted to carry a gun, no matter how much it would have helped in this kind of situation. To my knowledge, that wasn’t who she was.

            Rest easy Jhordann, you’re missed so much by so many.

    • KarenRSilva

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  • Jen

    Sorry to hear someone lost their life, but they needed an autopsy to determine she was killed?!?!?! Fox News writers and editors OR the medical examiner need to find new careers. I’m fairly certain it was the former. 😏

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