Fed-up Chargers fan auctions his team loyalty on eBay

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SAN DIEGO -- Former Chargers booster Brian Horne says he is willing to let bidders on eBay pick his new favorite team.

Horne, who has placed his NFL team loyalty for sale on eBay starting at 99 cents, said he is ready to start supporting a new team -- with the exception of the Raiders, Broncos and Patriots.

“I was talking to a friend and said, what are we going to do? Who are we going to root for once the Chargers leave? We couldn’t really figure out who, so I said let’s post, let everyone tell us who we would be best fans to root for," said the lifelong Chargers fan.

Horne told FOX 5 he has been a season ticket holder for more than 15 years.

"What owner Dean Spanos is doing is a stab in the back to Chargers fans," he said.

Horne is not planning on being at Qualcomm Stadium on Sunday for what could be the last game for the team in San Diego.

"It would be too hard to say goodbye to all my friends and the Chargers," said Horne.


    • GinaRStark

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  • Trip Trapper

    Wow, a fair weather fan in San Diego, shocking, lol. Hey DB, trust me, NE wouldn’t take you if you PAID them, they are born NE fans, not light weights. You may have to jump on the Raider “chip on the shoulder” wagon, or whoever your Mom tells you :P

    • Kevin Monzon

      Fair weather fan? If you knew how it felt when your sports team that you’ve loved your whole life, turns its back on its fans and says they’re leaving, you would be upset too. Its a sad/upsetting time for Chargers fans.

      • john

        I’m a Rams fan so I already know about that not a fair weather fan like most S.D fans and I’ve been here since 2000 you guys are all like that well at least most of you guys are around and you guys all the time and I ask are you guys going to be a Chargers fan when you go to LA and everybody says f no so that just goes to show me you guys are fair weather fans!

        • matilack

          I guess it’s a good thing they’re moving to LA with the Raiders. No transplant or fair weather fans there, yep, the Chargers will scoop up that entire fan base.
          – Delusional Dean.

    • Carl Starrett

      The ownership of the Chargers have been urinating on the City of San Diego and their fan base for the last year. They don’t want to be here and they don’t care about this city. That hardly makes us fair weather fans.

  • What a total joke.

    I’ve known this guy since he was a kid. He has no loyalty to anyone, especially his ex wife. He hasn’t even lived on the west coast for at least 2 years. This isn’t news, it someone who needs attention.

  • Once a cheater always a cheater

    The best thing that could happen to the Chargers is loosing this cheater as a fan. He cheats on his wives, he cheats on his children and he cheats on his taxes. He even cheats on his affairs. Now he’s doing the same thing to the Chargers. Good thing he’s not a Pats fan cuz they wouldn’t want him. Hope the bids don’t go higher than $1.25. He’ll be lucky to get season passes to a high school football game. None of this is about his disappointment with the team and its owners. Got one so narcissistic it is all about Mr. Horne.

  • Mark

    I am a true fan. Was a Charger fan when they were in LA, and a fan when they came to SD. Will continue to be a fan no matter where they or I move. I hate hearing sissy ass pretendica fans whining about the owners hurt my feelings. You don’t want to be a fan, move on then. Us real fans don’t need you around.

  • Vi

    I love my Chargers- the team- My Gates! The game!!! BUT the management and coaches suck ! $! We can’t do anything about that! If i was a billionaire I would buy them and keep them here !!! Unfortunately, that is not the case, so I would have to be a fan of what ever team decides to embrace our San Diego!! We need to make and keep a strong fan base, but it’s hard when the team (owners) don’t embrace us! It was a terrible season, a terrible end! I hope they make up their minds and just let us know. I have season tickets and it was just like -Wow!! Really!!!!

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