Star Wars tickets sell for over $100 on Craiglist

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SAN DIEGO - Star Wars fans only have to wait another three days until "The Force Awakens" hits theaters.

Tickets at many local theaters are already sold out Thursday night. According to Variety Magazine, the movie has already exceeded pre-sales records, selling more than 50 million in tickets.

So some people are hitting Craigslist, where tickets for Thursday night are selling for around $100 dollars.

One seller is hoping the hype will allow him to sell two tickets for $500 for a midnight showing at Cinepolis Del Mar Highlands, but hasn't had any luck.

"I was expecting to get numerous calls and numerous people wanting to negotiate to get these tickets. And I'm actually surprised that my experience has been quite the opposite. There's been almost no demand for my tickets," said one Craigslist seller.

Others are looking into Christmas to buy their tickets. Jerry Torregrosa bought his tickets on Monday for the 25th, but says he had to compromise.

"I was able to get center. And not the ideal seats, they were at the top row," said Torregrosa.

For dad's like Michael Guinan, the movie is worth pulling his sons out of school for on Friday morning.

"They love Star Wars. They talk about it, they know all the characters... I think for this experience it's more about skipping school and seeing the coolest movie...and seeing it maybe before their friends," said Guinan.

The kids won't be with their classmates that day, but they'll be watching characters they love from a galaxy far, far away.