Thieves steal $20K in equipment from Chula Vista Little League

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CHULA VISTA, Calif. --Hundreds of kids, some as young as 4 years old, lost valuable equipment after thieves broke in to a Chula Vista Little League’s storage unit.

Volunteers with Chula Vista American Little League discovered the theft Saturday morning. Overnight Friday, someone broke into the storage shed behind Hilltop Middle School, stealing $20,000 worth of landscaping equipment including a seated John Deer lawnmower.

Unlike most little leagues, Chula Vista American has to maintain their own fields, “So a hit like this means no jerseys or extra things. And all of that comes out of the pockets of parents,” said league President Leroy Donaldson.

To prepare for the burglary, the thieves first cut the power to the security cameras. They came back around Saturday night but this time, cameras were rolling. So far none of the video shows the burglars’ faces but parents remain hopeful.

“We spend more time here than at our own homes. I can’t believe someone would steal from kids. It’s just not right and it hurts,” said volunteer mother Nicole Colmenero, fighting back tears.

The team plans to set up a fundraising website but until then, anyone who wants to donate to the league can email Donalsdon at


  • Raymond

    How does someone steal a John Deere tractor and not notice??? There are locked gates you have to go through even to get in. How do you bypass all of that with no one noticing. Sorry ,but not buying this story at all.

    • S

      Well if you’re asking how to steal a John Deere lawn mower I couldn’t tell you cause I’ve never stolen one. But I’m assuming you would cut the locks on the LOCKED GATES and you would go at night when no one is around and everyone is sleeping so no one would notice! You’re “not buying this story at all”? So you’re saying the story was made up? Sorry to tell you that it is true. Someone had no compassion or care for what these volunteers are doing for these kids. I suggest you get out and volunteer a bit and you will see what it’s like to give back a bit instead of making negative comments. What bothers me the most is that you have no compassion for these kids or for the loss of a non profit organization trying to do something for a community. Merry Christmas!

  • GinaRStark

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