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Infrastructure ballot measure advances

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SAN DIEGO — The City Council’s Infrastructure Committee voted Wednesday to direct staff to further study Councilman Mark Kersey’s plan to fund infrastructure projects and develop ballot language.

The results of the further work will go next month to the full City Council, which could place it on the June primary election ballot.

Kersey believes his “Rebuild San Diego” measure will raise $4-5 billion over the next 30 years by dedicating future sales tax growth and savings from pension reform to infrastructure funding, and by formalizing Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s pledge to dedicate half of the city’s revenue growth to such projects.

“This measure will provide a sustainable, long-term commitment to financing infrastructure projects in the city,” said Kersey, who chairs the committee.

“This charter amendment is essential if we are to operate an effective public works program that prioritizes long-term infrastructure planning and development, and is absolutely necessary to show voters we are serious about infrastructure investment,” Kersey said.

The councilman said he believes San Diego got so far behind on capital projects and maintenance because funding streams weren’t dedicated to infrastructure.

If the item does go on a ballot, it will only need a simple majority to pass, since it doesn’t envision new taxes.

Councilwoman Marti Emerald dissented, contending that the proposal “wasn’t ready for prime time.”


  • SICK! ABUSIVE SPENDING! WIll you give them more to waste or tell them NO?

    SICK! They waste the money we already give them and hold us hostage by saying our infrastructure is failing! They have no problems finding money for lavish buildings, opulent offices, nice county vehicles, generous retirements, reliable pay raises, lots of supervisors and few workers, etc…. WAKE UP SAN DIEGANS! THEY ARE WASTING YOUR MONEY AND ASKING TO WASTE MORE! TELL THEM NO! The expense of not forcing them to use and budget what they are already given will be borne by all of us! Tell them NO to bonds, NO to assessments, NO to new taxes, and YES to spending the excess that we already give them wisely!

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