Anna Duggar reveals moment she learned of husband’s secret life

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Anna Duggar is speaking out about the moment she learned of her husband’s secret life.

Josh Duggar recently came under fire after being outed as one of the 32 million people whose information was hacked from the cheating website, Ashley Madison. He admitted to cheating on his wife, said he was addicted to porn, and went to a treatment center.

In a video promoting TLC’s upcoming show, ‘Jill & Jessa: Counting On,’Anna starts crying as she talks about learning the news. “I was just like, ‘I’m gonna wake up and everything’s gonna be okay. And this really, this can’t be true.’”

Josh and Anna, both 27, got married in 2008. They have four children together.

Earlier this year, Josh Duggar was forced to apologize after reports emerged alleging he molested girls as a teenager, including four of his sisters.


  • Russ Emele

    Why is Fox even talking about ANY part of this family. TLC STILL has not gotten the message that they are giving money to family that is protecting a child molester.

    • GinaRStark

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  • Renee R.

    thank you for helping to give this criminal family the attention they DO NOT DESERVE. Anna’s comments on the show were scripted and only spoken after being approved by Jim Bob. She is being used to garner higher ratings for three specials that more than 900 sponsors refuse to advertise on. By printing an article and discussing this crap, you’re helping to give this family a platform to promote their hatred of Catholics, gays, transgenders. You’re helping to promote Jill Dillards fake ministry which fans asked for their donations back after finding out it was most likely a huge scam for money while TLC actually filmed their show and paid for Jill’s trips to and from Central America. These people are criminals. Anna has made her choice to stay and you put cash in Jim Bob’s disgusting pocket every time you talk about them. NO MORE DUGGARS. EVER.

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