Local Islamic leaders denounce shootings

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SAN DIEGO — Leaders of San Diego’s Islamic community Friday condemned Wednesday’s mass shooting in San Bernardino while calling on the public to not lump all Muslims with those who commit criminal acts.

The FBI said the shootings at the Inland Regional Center by husband-and- wife Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik were being investigated as terrorism. Malik posted a pledge of allegiance to Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi on Facebook, authorities said.

At a news conference, Hanif Mohebi, director of the San Diego chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations, said numerous threats have been made against Muslims and people in their office this year.

The situation has been made more difficult by the shootings.

“It is unfair — it is a double-standard — for anyone to come out and say, well, you know, this person was a Muslim and therefore it’s terrorism and so on and so forth, when the Planned Parenthood situation arises and no one goes to the religious community and says, hey, what do you say?” Mohebi said at the news conference.

He referred to a shooting last month in Colorado Springs that killed three, including a police officer.

The San Bernardino shootings killed 14 people and wounded 21 at a meeting of public health officials that doubled as a holiday party. A dozen victims were county of San Bernardino employees.

Farook and Malik died inside a vehicle hours later during a shootout with police. Law enforcement officials said ISIS, which has called for followers to strike inside the U.S., may have inspired the shootings, though none said the group ordered the attack.

After the shootings, investigators found numerous weapons, ammunition and explosives at the scene, the shooters’ residence and their vehicle.

NBC7/39 reported that among them were a rifle and handgun purchased at a Turner’s Outdoorsman location in San Diego, but no other details were available.

On Facebook, CAIR San Diego urged area Muslims to remain vigilant, take threats seriously, and contact law enforcement in a timely manner.


    • JIm

      Therein lies the hurdle Muslims must overcome. They’ve remained silent for so long that the world just doesn’t trust them. And the silence of good people is Daish’s most destructive weapon. It would be great if these leaders could organize protests against terrorists as other Muslim groups have done. ISIS has gained recruits because of their media blitz. A counter blitz showing Muslims protesting the terrrorists might change the mind of a potential recruit.

  • RobertaKOlson

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    • Vaccineyourkidsscumbags

      Yep its their third world mentalilty against vaccines(indians and some chinee takee outee too). They r the reason we saw a measles outbreak at Disney. Friggn Measles!! Dirty muslimes

  • Denounced in word but not in fact! Proclaim TAKFIR over these terrorists if you mean it!

    Yet they do not take a stand to officially denounce these criminals. In Islam the strongest form of denouncement is “Takfir” ! It is the equivalent of an excommunication in the Christian sense. If these Islamic leaders truly believe what these terrorists did was wrong they would have made a proclamation of “Takfir” officially separating these terrorists from the Islamic religion. As I see it, Unless the leaders publicly make this proclamation publicly they are not truly denouncing the terrorists! Sort of comes across as cowardly and 2 faced!

  • Denver Forester

    It is difficult to believe that these “Good Muslim Leaders” were all ignorant of the plans and intentions of these and other
    other Terrorists.

  • Truth

    The very nature of their twisted religion encourages the oppression of women and the brutal oppression of non believers called infidels. Well this infidel doesnt believe anything these greasy 3rd world scumbags have to say. Vote for Trump if you sick and tires of muslimes.

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