The Wonders

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Writer/director Alice Rohrwacher’s debut film Corpo celeste was released almost five years ago. Most Americans aren’t as familiar with foreign films, and it’s usually not unless they get nominated for an Oscar that anybody pays attention (and they usually don’t after that, either). I’m guessing this won’t win any awards, and it’s the type of bizarre foreign film that turns people off. It has whimsical vibe that is really weird. That’s a shame, because it could’ve been interesting watching a young teen trying to deal with her stubborn father and his beekeeping business.

The family is run by Wolfgang, who’s from Germany. He’s got a temper and his character is rather off-putting. His wife Angelica (the writers sister Alba Rohrwacher) is raising the four daughters and a foster child, as well as looking after a few animals (at one point a camel is brought home, and I was as confused as I was with the elephant in Experimenter last month).

They’re against hunting, and want to farm on the land. Money is also tight, and that plays into the story a bit later.

The one interesting character is Gelsomina (Maria Alexandra Lungu).

A reality show called “Most Traditional Family” arrives, and two of the daughters see Kardashian in their eyes and want to get involved. It’s hosted by the gorgeous Milly Catena (Monica Bellucci).

The beekeeping scenes in Mr. Holmes earlier this year were interesting, and although some people found Ulee’s Gold to be slow, I loved it. The scenes with the honey production here were interesting (and the writer knows something about this, as it’s the family business).

Films dealing with family dynamics are usually thought-provoking, but this is so unfocused.

The younger actors are terrific, and some of the sequences are shot in an interesting fashion. I just don’t know who this movie is for. I can’t think of a single friend I’d recommend it to.

It gets 1  1/2 stars out of 5.