Pedestrian hit in Spring Valley

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CHP, California Highway Patrol at night

SAN DIEGO — A pedestrian was hit by a vehicle Thursday evening in Spring Valley.

The incident was reported at 6:41 p.m. in the 10700 block of Jamacha Boulevard, near Lamplighter Village mobile home park.

Northbound Jamacha Boulevard was shut down, according to California Highway Patrol.


  • Too Bad

    Spring Valley has lots of IDIOTS dressing in dark clothes and walking in the middle of the road/crossing wherever and whenever. Would be nice if people pulled their head out and dressed appropriately and crossed with intelligence!

    • Julie B.

      As someone who actually saw the accident I would like to correct your insensitive and uncalled for comment. The man that was hit was actually dressed in light-colored clothing AND was in a very well lit area. Instead of jumping to conclusions without the appropriate information and victim-blaming, why don’t you just express sympathy OR EVEN BETTER just don’t say anything at all.

      • Jaam04

        Thank you Julie B. Although you are completely right. This man is my husband and is a idiot for crossing there anyways. He does know better, just made a bad judgment call. On another note due to his accident people took advantage of the situation and found/stole his wallet and cell phone. I would have been so grateful if that person would have turned it into the police or even the 7-11. Well God has his plan for us all. Thanks again Julie. Happy Holidays!

  • RobertaKOlson

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