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Obama calls for gun reforms in wake of San Bernardino shooting

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SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. – President Barack Obama reiterated his call for more gun control reforms to make mass shootings in the U.S. “rare as opposed to normal” in the wake of a mass shooting in San Bernardino.

Speaking to CBS News moments after news broke of the shooting, Obama called for “common sense gun safety laws” and urged lawmakers to pass a law to prevent individuals on the “No Fly List” who are barred from boarding commercial flights from legally purchasing firearms.

“We don’t yet know what the motives of the shooters are but what we do know is that there are steps we can take to make Americans safer,” Obama said in the interview. “We should never think that this is just something that just happens in the ordinary course of events because it doesn’t happen with the same frequency in other countries.”

At least 14 killed in San Bernardino mass shooting; two suspects dead

Obama said the pattern of U.S. mass shootings “has no parallel anywhere else in the world.”

Emergency personnel responded late Wednesday morning to reports of a shooting that killed or injured as more than 20 people, according to law enforcement.

Law enforcement officials are now on the lookout for as many as three suspects believed to be armed with AK-47-type weapons who reportedly fled the scene of the shooting in a black SUV.

It is unclear as of now who the suspects are and what the motives were behind the shooting.

Obama had been briefed on the shooting by his homeland security adviser Lisa Monaco moments before speaking with CBS News for a prescheduled interview.

Obama has spoken forcefully about the need for additional gun control laws to reduce the number of mass shootings in the country in the wake of past incidents in the country.

Speaking to reporters in Paris just a day earlier, Obama touched on the news of a shooting at a Planned Parenthood clinic on Friday in which a lone gunman killed three people.

“I mean, I say this every time we go one of these mass shootings, this just doesn’t happen in other countries,” Obama said Tuesday.


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    • Obama is out of touch wth reality!

      My heart goes out first and foremost to the victims. Secondly, OB is out of touch with reality! He has been living the good life forwhat seem like an eternity and will continue to receive Secret Service protection for life while the rest of us “Commoners” have to wait 30 minutes for police to show up and another 30 for an ambulance! We would be FOOLS not to possess some sort of modern protection device!

  • Helen

    Sad for the victims and families. Gun control, really? Guns dont kill people, people kill people. There are many ways to kill. If people want to be evil and kill innocent people, there are other means. Obama, its all evil, with violence towards mankind.

  • Pedro Collins

    Guns don’t kill pepople? That is the most stupid gun defense sentence ever, PERIOD. Sure, the gun did not act by itself, but, it was produced by humans to kill other humans (and also animals). A killer with a knife, kills one human with one blow. A killer with a gun, kills fourteen human with one blow, so YES, guns make a big difference, hence, gun control should be enforced.

    • Proof Anti Gun laws do not stop crazies and bad guys from attacking! Gun Laws will restrict YOUR freedom of Choice!

      Well Pedro, I think everyone dis agrees with you on that one. You will never be able to remove killing devices that the bad guy will use. Back in the 80’s it was cyanide laced everything the bad guy was using. Think about it, a bad guy with cyanide going through the supermarket lacing food with poison. It would be catastrophic! Or, Someone poisoning our water supply. Or a deaf person running down a crowd of Zombies. It is the person not the object he uses.

    • Patriotgirl

      Also, the facts prove you wrong. The most gun violence occurs in gun controlled or gun free zones and countries. If you bothered to info yourself instead of parroting this Muslim traitor’s words you wouldn’t make such a stupid statement.

    • Don

      The carnage would have been much worse according to the news reports, had the terrorist’s bombs/explosive devices detonated. (apparently the remote detonators did not function as intended)
      As stated, Riacin, or a host of other toxins/chemical agents are more of a threat to the vast majority of the American public at large, or even more so, a dirty Nuclear device, both of which would have a widespread devastating effect on the populace at large.
      What we NOW have to face head on, TERRORISM IS ACTIVE on our shores, despite Oblamo’s denials and false assurances to the contrary.

  • Gun Laws will restrict YOUR freedom of Choice!

    My heart goes out to the victims of these bastards. I hope the persons responsible for this are repaid for their evil actions! I hope that California realizes that the bad guy will always have the upper hand and it will us citizens who will be responsible for our own protection. I respect those who wish to purchase personal protection and hope that responsible citizens make the choice to protect their neighbors and loved ones. STAY PRO – CHOICE! SAY NO to more restrictions on you ability to choose how to protect your family!

  • Yurmom

    Only I left-wing California will they pass unconstitutional gun control. This was a gun free zone that is why these people pick these places.

  • B N

    Obama needs to do some research, the importation and selling of evil “assault” weapons have been banned here since Jan 2001.

  • Ray Price

    We don’t need more restrictive gun laws! A piece of paper does not protect American lives, concealed carrying Americans do!

  • Don

    It was Islamic Muslim Terrorists who murdered these innocent people. Obama’s preferred “religion of peace”. According to news reports, even more people would have been killed if the terrorist’s bombs would have detonated.
    Islam is NOT a religion of peace. It is a ‘CULT’ whose main purpose is to destroy all of Christianity, the very foundation that this country was founded on.
    Just as this country outlaws Racism as a tenant of equal rights, it also must outlaw Islam as a tenant of American Christian values.

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