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Community clashes over proposed school name change

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SAN DIEGO -- A meeting to examine results of a community survey about whether to rename Robert E. Lee Elementary quickly turned into a fiery debate Wednesday.

San Diego Unified School District has been considering changing the name of the Paradise Hills school since people brought it up as being synonymous with hatred and segregation.

Meeting attendees were a mix of those passionately defending the name and those arguing against it.

"You'd be better off naming the school after Osama bin Laden. He killed less Americans than Robert E. Lee," said one man.

Others defended Lee's name.

"He spent only a few years as a Confederate general. He did it as his duty to his state of Virginia, not 'cause he had slaves," one woman said.

No action on the name change was taken, and it may not happen until February or March, when the school board will make the final decision.


  • RobertaKOlson

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  • misdirection continues...

    What about Marne fiasco and the sexual harasser at Serra HS?

    Keep bringing up nonsense to draw attention away from what is really happening. The fleecing continues. Our tax dollars are being spent on computers that do no teach kids. Teachers teach kids. We need more teachers now!

  • Too bad they don't put this same amount of effort into education!

    Sad! Leave the name as it stands! Focus on educating our kids not on political lines! There is not a single American alive who can say they remember slavery… Drop it this was a person in history educate the children about this person and the times.

  • Don De

    Since illegal aliens kill over 3000 American citizens every year, (not counting property crimes, rapes, and robberies) perhaps the school district should RENAME a school that was named in honor of Cesar Chavez to one that honors on of those slain “legal” Americans who were killed by the criminal actions of an illegal alien. Eh Gonzo????
    If “Political Justice” is the name of YOUR game, let’s ALL play by the same set of rules.

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