Petco gives $1M to San Diego Humane Society

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(Credit: San Diego County Department of Animal Services)

SAN DIEGO — The San Diego Humane Society announced Monday that the Petco Foundation renewed its support of the animal welfare organization with a five-year, $1 million grant.

The money will benefit the Humane Society’s lifesaving programs and help maintain the “Getting to Zero” initiative, which aims to save healthy and treatable pets throughout San Diego County from euthanization.

“Our continued partnership with Petco and the Petco Foundation has yielded many triumphs on behalf of animals in need, but there is still much to be done,” said Gary Weitzman, Humane Society president and CEO. “We’ve made a commitment to provide a second chance to every healthy and treatable animal in San Diego County, and with continued support from the Petco Foundation, we’ll be able to continue to do just that.”

The grant is the third from the foundation, associated with the Petco pet supply store, to be worth $1 million. The most recent came in 2010.

“San Diego has been home to Petco for many years, and we’re proud to continue our commitment to the people and pets in our community,” said Susanne Kogut, foundation executive director. “With this investment, the Petco Foundation aims to help San Diego Humane reach its goal of saving and providing care for all treatable pets in the San Diego community. We look forward to seeing the positive impact that our partnership will have for many years to come.”

The announcement comes one week after CVC Capital Partners, based in Luxembourg, and the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, of Toronto, announced they will acquire Petco for $4.6 billion. It’s current owners are investment and private equity firms based in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

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