Another person falls ill after smoking ‘spice’

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SAN DIEGO -- Fourteen people in San Diego have become sick after smoking 'spice,' also known as synthetic marijuana.

The latest victim, named Curtis by people who claim to know him, say he collapsed after trying the illegal substance, which is made up of dried plant material, chopped herbs, color additives and the chemical known as THC.

Curtis was transported from the trolley station at 3rd and C streets.

On Sunday, 13 people were hospitalized. One of them reportedly died this morning, according to people on the street.

All of the incidents have taken place in the downtown San Diego area.

"I think it's crazy. It has to be taken off the market. Stop selling it, stop doing it, it's not worth their lives," said Andoinette Simpson, who said she knows a few of the victims.

San Diego police say they are trying to figure out who is selling the spice.


  • bob

    Not surprised to see such ignorance in an article.

    “the illegal substance, which is made up of dried plant material, chopped up herbs, color additives and the chemical known as THC.”

    The ENTIRE POINT OF SPICE/SYNTHETIC CANNABINOIDS is that IT’S NOT THC!! Drug tests look for THC metabolites stored in fat. The whole point of this crap is that it doesn’t show up on tests unless the synthetic cannabinoids (NOT THC) are specifically looked for. Why do you think it’s so popular among those that get regular drug tests? Military, government jobs, etc. The worst part of this is that there are hundreds of synthetic cannabinoids and short of getting it lab tested you won’t know what you actually have.

    Shame on you for being a terrible journalist, Salvador. I can’t believe you get -paid- for this…

    • PaulaMWatson

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