14 people, including teens, overdose on ‘spice’ in downtown

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SAN DIEGO — At least 14 people fell ill Sunday in downtown San Diego when they apparently ingested a batch of the synthetic marijuana drug Spice, according to police.

The calls were mainly for young people, with the youngest patient a 13-year-old, according to San Diego Fire Rescue Capt Joe Amador.

Officers responded to multiple medical aid calls from three different locations throughout downtown of people who became sick.

At 3:10 p.m., first responders were on the scene at 6th Avenue and C Street where four patients were transported to area hospitals, two in critical condition, Amador said.

The patients had symptoms varying from seizures to bloody noses, according to Amador.

Another call came in at about 3:30 p.m. from 14th and Imperial regarding two additional patients experiencing similar symptoms. People also reportedly became ill near 7th and Broadway.

It was not immediately clear if the patients were given a drug or took something voluntarily, Amador said.

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  • Shitty sd

    We all know SD is crappy but downtown is an open sewer. Was this from the house of blues? Or the crappy smoke shop across the street.

  • PaulaMWatson

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  • Kramerica099

    Too bad they are not taking dirt naps, stupid idiot losers, They should legalize it all so the loser drug addicts can darwinize themselves before they procreate, Take a science class and learn what is in these drugs and then maybe you wont take them. I do not care what happens to idiot drug addicts, they are moochers, losers, criminals and destroyers, they do not deserve sympathy, they made their bed now lie in it


      These were children, not hopeless drug adicts. If you think all people who do drugs or are addicted deserve to die, then I hope that people who think as ugly as you do are die from natural selection. You’re a shitty human being and I am disgusted by that comment. My mother was an adict, and has healed from that and is a great person. Fuck you piece of shit

      • kramerica

        No fuck you, go read the statistics, Drug addicts made their choices, and most do not get better, most end mooching off of society and bring families down, go watch intervention, go read the stats, and worst of all THEY ARE THE ONE’S WHO CHOSE TO DO DRUGS IN THE FIRST PLACE! Prescription drug use is rampant and is a bigger problem than Heroin, I believe in personal responsibility, and I believe in good decision making and if you choose poorly then it is your fault and if you are 40 years old and sill doing drugs it is your fault, druggies choose drugs over their kids, and before you say I do not know what I am talking about, think again, it is in my family and they did not get better, I am involved in hiring people that could make good money, but they cannot get off drugs and pass a drug test. The problem in this country with jobs is not that jobs are not available, the problem is that there are not skilled workers who can pass a drug test. Your mom got better great, she is the minority, I am sick and tired of listening to people whine about their life when it is all their fault period.

        HEre is a thought DONT START ON DRUGS!!! I have no sympathy for any drug users and these people will not get better, they will procreate and not be parents, go look the stats, 25% of all kids in this country grow up in poverty, and 50% grow up near poverty, and this is due to the parents making bad decisions, I do not help people who do not help themselves so spare me your indignity.

      • kramerica

        See, I wont die from natural selection, why, because I am smarter than you, and I have the degrees to prove it, I don’t make bad decisions, I do not do drugs, I contribute to society, I am not a mooch , so you go live with your loser friends and have nothing, while I walk by and flick the ash of my 20 dollar cigar at you, walking down to my yacht to drink bourbon worth more than you and your druggie friends

        • Me and my druggie friends

          Yeah Kramerica you yuppie douchebag piece of shit, sure you don’t do drugs. What do you think alcohol and nicotine are, genius? While you’re on your way down to your yacht, think about how those two drugs cause more death and disease than every other drug combined. By far. And you realize no one is impressed by yachts and expensive cigars anymore, right? I bet you look real cool with that long brown rod in your mouth. You sound like the most annoying, pretentious blowhard asshole in San Diego. I hope you choke on your expensive cigar you hypocrite. Get out of my town.

          • kramerica

            How am I a hypocrite? Do you even know what that means? Because I choose to have a SIP of bourbon with my cigar, that does not make me a hypocrite, HEROIN, METH, PRESCTIPTION DRUGS THAT ARE NOT PRESCRIBED TO YOU ARE FUCKING ILLEGAL!!! I choose to do a LEGAL drug IN MODERATION, you stupid bitch.

            I tell you what. Go do your god damn homework, I want you to go google HIV drug epidemic of Southern Indiana, these are freaking drug losers passing on FUCKING AIDS!! You think I feel sorry for them!!! GROW THE FUCK UP AND DO YOUR HOMEWORK, I am so much more educated than you, and I know what I am talking about.

            Get outside your comfort zone, you have no idea what you are talking about.

  • Idiot liberals

    I’m afraid kramerica is spot on.

    You America-hating druggie liberals are the cause of all of this, so own it, you douchebags.

    Our only hope is that many, many more of these deaths will finally bring about the realization in your thick skulls that DRUGS ARE BAD!!


    • kramerica

      Thanks for the post, I was particularly rough on this, but it was on purpose, it is time for personal responsibility. The United States uses more drugs than any other country on Earth, prescription and illegal drugs and use doctors as a crutch to legatimize their legal and illegal drug use. The biggest problem in American is not actually illegal drugs, as bad as that is, it is actually prescription drugs, and that one is going to be very hard to fix. Watch the show intervention and you can truly see what drug addicts can do to a family. And while some do get better, most do not and the DESTROY entire families who cannot see the light. The fact is that sometimes you have to walk away. You cannot save the Titanic by using a bucket.

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