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Supes split over using ‘illegal’ to refer to undocumented residents

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San Diego County Board of Supervisors

SAN DIEGO — A routine item up for consideration by the San Diego County Board of Supervisors prompted debate about the words used to refer to people who live in the county without proper documentation.

The supervisors voted 3-2 Tuesday to remove the terminology “illegal immigration” from board policy M-59. Chairman Bill Horn and Supervisor Dianne Jacob cast the dissenting votes against the word change.

Supervisor Greg Cox, who proposed the change, said he believes the county needs to “remain consistent” and should follow the example of what he said legislators are doing in Washington D.C.

Horn, who said he sometimes isn’t “politically correct,” said the county spends millions of dollars on undocumented residents, including $52 million for undocumented inmates in local prisons.

Jacob, who asked Cox what the difference was between using illegal or undocumented, said she thought the policy was titled correctly and said only those who reside in the county legally are entitled to tax payer benefits.

Cox also recommended the board remove a point from their policy on undocumented immigration that states the board would support legislation that would repeal federal mandates that make undocumented immigrants eligible for health, education and other benefits.

“The first bullet is an advocacy position that I don’t think is really in our realm,” Cox said. “We don’t have a foreign policy.”

Supervisor Dave Roberts said he supported changing the policy because he believes it should reflect the needs of San Diegans.

“Words do matter,” Roberts said. “I just look at our local communities and our local children. I want to make sure that all kids in our schools have access to healthcare. I want to make sure they have access to education. It’s through no fault of their own what the status is of their parents — that’s the federal government’s responsibility to decide. We need to take care of children while they’re here in this county.”


  • idiot liberals

    They hate true San Diegans and are clamoring for the illegal votes.

    Please remember these disgusting “people” come election time. They need to GO!

  • pmorr

    Illegal is ILLEGAL! If they haven’t done the paperwork to gain citizen status, according to the Federal Government, then they are here ILLEGALLY! The San Diego Board of Supervisors can’t decide Federal policy. Undocumented means they don’t have documents to show that they are legal residents, THEREFORE, they are here illegally, broken Federal Law by crossing the border into the United States. How difficult is that to understand? We are not only giving their children an education that their parents didn’t contribute to by paying taxes, they and their families are getting health care and aid that they haven’t contributed to. Pretty simple to me that the members of the Board that voted for this change on terminology don’t have a full grasp of Federal Law or economics.

  • Ann Puckett

    The best thing our government can do with those who are “undocumented” illegal invaders is to ship them back to their native countries.

  • S

    There are laws in place regarding immigration. If you break those laws, you are here ILLEGALLY. It’s the DEFINITION of the word. Sorry if that’s offensive to some but let’s be realistic.

  • Undocumented

    A driver of a car runs a red light, strikes and kills a pedestrian. Police determine the driver didn’t do anything illegal – he was an undocumented driver.

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