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Determined new mom completes college exam while in labor

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MACON, Ga. — A Georgia woman completed her college psychology test last week while she was in labor.

Tommitrise Collins, 21, was ready to deliver her baby at Coliseum Medical Center — but first, she had to take an online test. The Middle Georgia State University student told WAGA she could only take the exam on that day.

Collins finished the test in less than two hours. Her shared a photo on Facebook that shows Collins sitting on her hospital bed while taking the test. The photo has been shared over 14,000 times.

Shanell Brinkley-Chapman wrote:

This is what you call “Strong Priorities”. Contractions 3 minutes apart and still takes her Psychology Test! You are going to be a great Mom baby sis!

After 20 hours of labor, Collins delivered a healthy baby girl. Tyler Elise weighed 7 pounds and 10 ounces, Collins told WAGA.

Collins, who has a 3.6 GPA, will graduate in December of 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.


  • Trolls are terrible

    Are you serious? Racist jerk. What you should be mad about is the prof forced her to take the exam while in labour!

  • Loyd

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