How to talk to your kids about terror attacks

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  • Sick and demented way of exploiting tragedies! Make the cops do their damn jobs!

    Well Johnny, You see, there is this religion that easily radicalizes the youth of parents who brought them out of a place where they had nothing to lose. Some of these second generation youth find it difficult to assimilate into society due to their parents coming here thinking they deserve a free ride. After all, America means free ride. These youth cannot assimilate as their parents have no reason to assimilate due to this 2 year free ride America gives them as a refugee. (that’s right 2 years of welfare and unemployment). Some youth feel they do not belong as no one has earned anything. Some youth get lonely and want to be a part of something big. That’s where their religion comes in to play. After all, if you are not muslim you are inferior. Ar a radical cleric dehumanizes all non muslims it is easy to commit these gruesome acts that offer them an imaginary afterlife that blesses them for cleaning up the muslims land. After all, they deserve the blessing of the blessing of the taxpayers resources.

  • Stop the resettlement.

    You simply cannot guarantee unless you deny! Refugee camps make the most sense and it gives the refugees the hope of returning to their homes when they want! If the refugee camp sucks make the camps better. Do not give preferential treatment by allowing them entry over our south and central American neighbors. America has not resettled central americans in Europe why would we resettle Europes refugees here?

  • Liam

    When children asked why these people were killed in the attacks what should we tell them? Should we tell them they are Muslim? Should we mention the “death to infidels”? Should we mention that we killed millions of their people and they are a bit upset about it?

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