Airport taxis make the switch to hybrid

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SAN DIEGO – More hybrid taxis can be seen driving around Lindbergh Field, thanks to a new incentive program for cab drivers.

County officials Tuesday morning said 865 tons of pollutants will be reduced county-wide as more cab drivers change to clean-air vehicles. The switch was made possible by the Airport Taxicab Replacement Program combined with a $4,000 incentive from the Air Pollution Control District.

Officials say swapping out the Crown Victoria for a Prius is currently the best way to improve our air.

“Now nine out of every 10 taxis operating at Lindbergh Field will be alternative-fuel vehicles,” said County Supervisor Greg Cox.

Taxi drivers also say they can now get more bang for their buck.

“The gas savings is very important,” said a local cab owner.

The county says it’s looking for a similar incentive program for cab drivers who missed out on the opportunity and wish to trade in their vehicle.


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  • Frickn' waste!

    What a waste! It is far less green to replace perfectly functioning taxis before their time. This incentive creates more pollution, not less and wastes our tax money while doing it! It takes over 7 years to recoup any sort of fuel savings at which time the hybrid will have reached end of life.

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