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San Diegans see bright light shoot across sky

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SAN DIEGO — Hundreds of people across Southern California Saturday night reported seeing a bright light shoot across the sky that left behind a blue-green glow.

The U.S. Coast Guard told FOX 5 it was from military testing. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department tweeted it was a Naval test fire off the coast.

Others believe it was a meteor. As the Taurid Meteor Shower reaches its peak, cosmic fireballs — extremely bright meteors — will sometimes light up the sky, according to

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  • Lalique

    I think it might have been a chemical warefare or a chemical reaction to something. What elements on the Periodic Table make the color blue?

    • Shane

      You’re right to assume the colors are from chemicals, but that doesn’t necessarily make it a weapon. Its way more likely that a meteor composed of high amounts of magnesium exploded in the atmosphere. Magnesium isn’t a particularly deadly element either. This looks exactly like a meteor bursting in the atmosphere, you can see them on youtube.

    • AliciaMOsborne

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  • Olivia

    I saw a bright light come from the horizon, rose up, twisted in circles and changed colors. Sorry that was not a meteor. This happened over Torrey pines state beach

  • Jim B

    It was a rocket or a missile launched from the ocean. At first we thought it s a flair but it kept getting higher. I ran inside and got binoculars. I could clearly see it was a rocket or a missile. I saw a stage break away, then it turned bright white and we heard a rumble like thunder.

  • Kate Hewitt

    Military test drill?? For what??
    “Commercial Airlines Hazards: How to Avoid Expanding White Mist Balls with Green/Blue Centers” ??
    Also, how did they do that? What did that? AND, please explain why that was necessary at 6:15PM on a Saturday night? Totally suspect. I would believe the soft fuzzy glowing white light with an aquamarine center as the aftermath of a Taurid Meteor breaking the sound barrier at an optimal elevation / temperature to reflect the light of the setting sun over the answer of “Military Test Drill.”

  • Ashley

    Military testing??!! I don’t think so… Saw it from a Walmart parking lot. We saw the aftermath that everyone is talking about, the blue hue. Looked like a GIANT spotlight shining down then slowly faded away. If it was the gov, what were they testing? The thing was dead silent and the blue beam was completely still. Managed to get a few crappy pictures before it disappeared…

  • derp

    first they said comet exploding, then they said edwards air force base test, then they said point mugu military test, then they said naval test fire…. seems like they’re making it up as they go. the only thing that is for sure. is that it looked cool and was better than sea world fireworks. ;)

    • Dee

      This was seen across several states, I’m in Arizona and I saw it. This had to be much higher in our atmosphere than a burning meteorite (which last seconds, this was at least a minute) to be seen across several states.

    • Fire in the sky

      The UFO crazies need to take off their tin foil hats. It was very likely a meteor, as we were told of the expected meteor shower the day before this occurred. There will be no anal probes today.

      But the US needs to get its act together. So much misinformation from our local, state and federal gov’t! Just tell us what it was.

  • robin

    If it was missle as stated, why did it stay stationary for so long and why was the sky green for so long afterward? Just curious for explanation to those questions.

  • Kara Bentley

    Saw it while camping at Mono Lake, just west of Yosemite. Started with a giant, perfectly round white dome of texture-less gas of some sort with a neon blue streak in the middle. The object seemed to come from Nevada and head southwestward. The neon blue streak remained in the sky for 10-15 minutes. After watching the object fade away into the distance the smoke trails from it seemed to make an hourglass shape somehow. Everything was completely silent.

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