Chula Vista cop sentenced for attack on girlfriend’s son

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CHULA VISTA, Calif. -- An off-duty Chula Vista police officer who put his girlfriend’s 16-year-old son in a chokehold during an altercation at a local elementary school graduation was sentenced Friday to four years of probation and ordered to take a 52-week child abuse course.

Roman Granados, 48, pleaded guilty in April to misdemeanor child abuse and disturbing the peace.

Chula Vista police said Granados was attending the June 2014 graduation for one of his girlfriend's children when the teenage victim, Matthew McCormick Jr., confronted his mother about a prior disagreement. Granados intervened, hitting, slapping and choking the boy, according to police.

The teen initially refused medical treatment but went to a facility hours later after complaining of pain, police said.

Granados -- a 14-year CVPD veteran -- was placed on administrative leave afterward but later returned to work.

“This is a serious, I would almost say, egregious example of this. It was done in public, it was done by a peace officer," Judge Matthew Braner said. “With all of that in mind, the court is going to put him on probation for four years.”

Granados sat emotionless as the judge sentenced him.

Cell phone video from that day, shot moments after the attack, shows the face of the off-duty officer. Parents are surrounding him, yelling at him for hitting and choking the teen.

“Why did he do that to me? Why is it OK for a man like that to come up behind a kid like me at my sister’s graduation ceremony and attack me?” said McCormick.

McCormick, now 18, chose to show his face for the first time and speak exclusively to FOX 5 about the impact of the violent encounter.

“It’s something that I guess I’m trying to move on from, I really am. I mean, I relive it, I deal with it, but I guess that also helps to make me a stronger person," McCormick said.

He says despite everything, he’s stronger and is glad the case is coming to a close. However, he believes as an officer, Granados should have been held more accountable.

“There’s after effects for the victims," McCormick said. “But I’m going to use my life and I’m going to make a positive difference with those who can’t really do that themselves.”

In addition to four years of probation and 52 weeks of child-abuse counseling, Granados was sentenced to 45 days of public works service and must pay a $746 fine.

He will not be allowed to possess a firearm while off-duty.

The Chula Vista Police Department would not comment on Friday's sentence except to say it is conducting its own internal investigation.


  • San Diego Dirty Cop Coverup!

    If he can’t be trusted off duty with a firearm he cannot be trusted on duty either! Shelly! Fix your dirty blue cops before more unnecessarily people die!

    • 0928texas

      He’s a Chula Vista cop, not San Diego.

      But you’re right; a cop ordered to attend counseling should not be a cop.

    • AliciaMOsborne

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  • Mrookey

    Any police officer that can just hurt a child off duty because he feels he is immune to any repercussions should NOT be a police officer. Police officers should protect our children. Not harm them!!

  • Lupita serna

    The kid was a punk who needs a good ass whoopin.

    Trust me, this douchebag won’t get far in life. I doubt if he’s alive in 5 years. If he is, he’ll be homeless.

    Punks like this need prison or the military.

    • Cindycramer

      Lupita, I’m guessing you know the kid personally or you were there? I don’t understand your comment? But to say he’ll be homeless? And that the kid deserves prison? For what and why? Your comment just really doesn’t make any sense

      • Idiot liberals

        It’s true. If you know the kid, you’ll know he provoked the incident. Total tragedy, but look at the facts, please.

        • mrelaboration

          I don’t understand how your comment under “idiot liberals” speaks to the issue at hand. How did the kid provoke him? and what could cause someone to lose control like that on the kid?

        • Mrookey

          The only true idiot in this conversation is you. A child, no matter what he does, never provokes a police officer to do what he did. You obviously do NOT know this child, because guess what, I really do. And, there is no way that this child could do anything to provoke such action. Teenagers are definitely teenagers. They always cause issues. No child however, should be beaten the way that he was. Also, if you knew him, you would know that not only will he be alive in 5 years, but also he will be successful. Judging from your inability to even form a correct sentence, I am guessing that you are either his “attacker”, and “friend of his attacker”, or just some idiot that thinks a kid had it coming. Also, before you say anything about me being a “cop hater”, I am not. I happen to belong to the San Diego Police Department. And, as an officer, I would arrest this so called “peace officer” on the spot!

    • JusticeForAll

      Cops are “peace officers.” There is nothing about this story that says this so-called man is competent to be a peace officer. He needs to lose his badge. And you, with zero knowledge about what you’re saying, need to shut up.

  • Liberals suck

    More police BS!!! I’m sure if he would have shot the kid, all he would have had to say is he made an Aggressive move or he had his hand in his pocket!!! Fcking BS!!!!

    • JusticeForAll

      Despite your name on this website, you’re right – this is more police BS. And Chula Vista PD needs to fire him. This cop is a threat to society.

  • #bluelivesmatter

    This has nothing to do with the police or law enforcement in general..this kid was a punk and rude. The father figure did his job and put him in his place. This shouldn’t be news….this is unfair prosecution of a parent using his discretion on what form of discipline…Look at the facts, without him around that is now a single parent household…the males in that type of family are doomed for a life of crime and poverty….

    • rectifytruth

      Your title speaks to bluelivesmatter but it sounds to me like you’re a friend of the guy who did this? It makes no sense how you can say you know these facts and you insinuate he was a father figure to the kid? What did this case have to do with discipline? Please recite facts in your posts not personal biased opinions without knowing the facts

    • Mrookey

      If you were really part of “Police lives matter”, you would know that this isn’t true. This child was there with his real father. This man was not his “father figure”. This man was / is his mother’s boyfriend. Obviously you do not know the facts behind this case either, or you would know the details!! He was not “acting up”, he was not a “punk”. He was watching his sister’s 6th grade graduation with his father. Don’t be an idiot and prejudge.

      • Mike

        This kid was with his mother and her boyfriend, the kid acted up and Roman attempted to stop him. It wasn’t a choke hold. It was a hold to control an out of control kid. I have known Roman for several years and he not only is a good guy but I’ve never observed him in any violent way or ever losing his temper. The media is what blew this out of proportion because he is a cop. If he worked anywhere else this would’ve never been a news story.

        • A witness

          The “Kid” was not with his mother and his mother’s boyfriend. He was sitting in an entirely different area. Also, if you knew this “kid” you would know the abuse that he has endured and also know that he is incapable of getting out of control in public. He would walk away from a situation before he would cause a problem. Sounds like you were there too. Perhaps you are the “kids” mother who is supporting her boyfriends abuse of her own child instead of her own child. If it were me, and my significant other laid a hand on my child in a way such as this, it would be the boyfriend gone, not the son. This whole this is a disgrace. This child did nothing to disrupt what was going on. His mother was mad because he was there for his sister. Her boyfriend (a peace officer), in front of all of us, abused this child. This was done in public and had no provocation. I also witnessed the mother not caring about her hurt child. She walked away with her boyfriend, who walked away from the scene, instead of waiting for police to show up. Someone said “Call the police”, to which he said “I am the police”. When a mother chooses a boyfriend over her own child, and is now marrying this man, this mother is not a true “mom”. She was nothing but an incubator. What a disgusting display of child abuse!!

          • JusticeForAll

            ”A Witness’ is 100% correct about Roman and the young man’s so-called “mother.” And ‘Mike’ – you think you know your friend Roman? He not only put a 16-year old in a chokehold but also punched him in the stomach. Witnesses everywhere yelling for him to stop! The only thing out of proportion is the sentence he received – anyone else would’ve served jail time. You obviously don’t have a clue about this situation.

  • RBennett

    I am sickened by some of the comments made by people saying he is a punk kid and deserved it. The fact of the matter is a person who was trusted with the public safety put his relationship with a hateful, angry woman who hates her child over the oath that he took as a public servant. In fact, Roman is the “punk” here because he is another little man who has to beat people smaller than him to make his might shown. He is a disgrace to the badge and should be in jail. Say I’m a liberal, My future wife will tell you I am a die hard conservative. I have the right to say this because I wear the badge, and his actions are pathetic and go against the entire body of the oath of office that I took!!!!!! Roman is the punk!!!! And I know the child. So I can say that I have the proper prospective. Police lives matter when they do what is right, he didn’t.

    • JusticeForAll

      Thank you, RBENNETT – Roman is, in fact a punk who obviously gets off on beating up someone smaller than him. I’m disappointed he didn’t get jail time and, if the Chula Vista PD keeps him on their payroll, they are as much in the wrong as he is. I appreciate your perspective as a police officer who can recognize this piece of crap isn’t worthy of a badge.

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