Coronado business owner unlocks a problem

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CORONADO, Calif. — A Coronado business owner says people are using different addresses online, posing as legitimate locksmith companies.

“I’ve been aware of it probably more than five years,” said John Moinat, owner of family-owned Coronado Lock and Key, Inc.

Moinat says people in the area have been stealing the reputation of his business.

"In a sense, they are impersonating or using tactics to where they say they are physically here to get work in Coronado,” said Moinat.

Moinat says he owns the only locksmith company in the city with a physical storefront. He says he’s noticed other mobile locksmiths passing off his location as their own.

“I think it would give them a little more legitimacy that they have a physical address,” said Moinat.

Village Locksmith is one of those companies. The website says it’s located on Orange Avenue.

But when you show up to the listed address, 947 Orange Avenue, what you see is Crown Barbershop, not Village Locksmith.

Friday afternoon, FOX 5 called the number listed on the website and a man claiming to work for the company said that was their old location.

But the barbershop says it has been at the site for decades. They filed a report with Coronado police.

Moinat says in many cases, he’s left fixing what other locksmiths couldn’t, and is worried his company’s reputation is being damaged.

"What we’re finding is that these locksmiths that are coming out are drilling the locks, destroying the locks, not replacing them and demanding a fee,” he said.

Coronado police are not calling this a scam and they're not yet sure if a crime has been committed. However, police urge everyone to research companies before pursuing any service.


  • Glenn Younger (@GlennYounger)

    ‘”Coronado police are not calling this a scam and they’re not yet sure if a crime has been committed.” Wow.Really?
    Claiming something false for financial gain sounds like fraud to me.
    Also, it appears that Village Lock does not have the Locksmith License or Contractors license needed. The Dept of Consumer Affairs shows no licenses for Village Lock, see: BSIS.CA.GOV and CSLB.CA.GOV to verify license and report company.
    This company is also working without a City or State business license. Not paying taxes, not getting the required background check, not having the knowledge to pass a trade test; this does not sound like a company anyone would want to have continue operating. City Attoney’s office could proscute, if they wanted too, and they get to keep 50% of the $10,000 fine, State B&P code 6980.14 .

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