Local woman harvests storm water

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SAN DIEGO -- A local woman is conserving water by harvesting the rain, and she hopes to spread her message with fellow San Diegans.

“The storm was pretty treacherous [Tuesday] night for San Diego,” said Marlena McCrea, who collected 64 gallons of water from Tuesday night using rain barrels.

As the rain came down Tuesday night, McCrea watched in excitement as the water filled up her rain barrels.

“I thought, here if we filled them up and had 64 gallons of saved water that essentially would have been runoff into our streets, that I can use it again and water the plants, water the backyard,” said McCrea.

McCrea says saving water in this way is a  first for her, but she’s been conserving for a long time.

“When I’m drinking a water bottle throughout the day or if I find water bottles in the car with just a little left, I just dump it onto a plant or anywhere but down the drain,” said McCrea.

She said she’s going to take the 64 gallons she collected Tuesday and transfer it into other buckets and move them to her backyard. She says once the ground dries up and the plants are ready for water again, she will water them when appropriate.

The City of San Diego offers a rain barrel rebate program which has been in effect for a couple of years.


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