Neighbor ends violent rampage by shooting hammer-wielding man in head

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SAN DIEGO -- A 28-year-old man who smashed the windows of about 10 cars and began attacking people with a knife and a hammer was shot in the back of the head by a neighbor in Scripps Ranch Thursday night, police said.

The young man had suffered “some sort of mental breakdown,'' San Diego Police Department Sgt. David Jennings said, and was chasing neighbors with a knife and a hammer.

One neighbor armed himself with a handgun and shot the suspect, who was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries, Jennings said.

The incident occurred around 7 p.m. in the 10300 block of Moselle Street, Jennings said.

“He was running around with a hammer beating on cars and arguing with neighbors,'' police Officer Robert Heims said.

Heims said the neighbor who shot the man was not taken into custody.

Neighbors said the suspect's parents live on the street where the rampage took place.

Google Map for coordinates 32.912519 by -117.075339.


  • Say no to gun control!

    The bad guy doesn’t follow the laws and gets his s illegally. Legislation stands in the way of upright citizens who otherwise could protect themselves or you!

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  • Where were the Police?

    Proof the police cannot protect you! Say no to new gun legislation and preserve your rights to self defense!

    • Joel Hodges

      Thank goodness we live in California where smart gun control is keeping us safe from nuts like this. Better he is threatening neighbors with a hammer than an AK.

      • Mike M

        Yeah cause California “smart gun control” really kept that guy from getting an AK. You make it sound like AKs are illegal here.

      • John Jones

        I doubt “gun control” has ever prevented a criminal from obtaining a gun. It only stops law-abiding citizens from being able to protect themselves and their families.

  • Ariel Summerville

    he was shot in the HEAD for that? The neighbor couldn’t ping him in the leg or something to make him stop???

    • Idiot liberals

      Yes, Ariel. You see, we work hard for our nice things. When crazy democrats try to take them away with violence, we respond in the only manner you understand. With a gunshot to the face.

      Tough lesson, but idiot liberals never learn the easy way…

      • John Jones

        I’m a Democrat, and I probably own more guns than you. I just don’t fall for the lies that Obama is going to take your guns.

        • Iggy Sanchez.

          Keep drinking the koolaid, moron.

          Throughout history, liberals/communists have depended on mouth breathers like you. How’d that work out?

          Ha ha. What a douchebag…

    • quahogshell

      You deciphered all of that from this little article? I would put my money on wealthy Scripps Ranch neighbor out of his mind from inhaling bath salts (as is common in the SR/Poway area). Glad to know you have all the details, Scooby.

  • Michael Ball

    Sounds like California now needs to pass assault hammer control legislation and assault knife control legislation. Yep; that knife and that hammer just went and caused that guy to go on a rampage. They’re evil, I tell you! You just can’t trust them. I do have to wonder which California legislator was importing and selling these terrible weapons.

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