Garth Brooks returns to San Diego after 19 years

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SAN DIEGO – Legendary country music couple Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood kicked off their four-show concert event Thursday night in San Diego.

Before Brooks hit the stage at the Valley View Casino Center – his first time performing in San Diego in 19 years – he spoke candidly with FOX 5’s Jaime Chambers about how originally, the revival tour scared him to death.

“I was just thinking, nobody’s gonna show up, nobody's gonna show up…you know, we had a good lick in the ‘90s, so we thought if we could do 50 percent of what we did in the ‘90s, that’d be great,” Brooks told FOX 5.

But Garth didn’t do 50 or even 80 percent – his ticket sales went through the roof, selling 120 percent of what he sold in the 1990’s. He even added shows, making a total of five.

The rare icon’s down-to-earth nature, mixed with his ability to bottle lightning in the form of country songs, is only made more extraordinary by his Grammy-winning wife, Trisha Yearwood, and the gentle way they treat everyone they come in contact with.

“We weren’t raised with money, we weren’t raised with privilege in any way, so we’re just kinda who we are,” Yearwood said.

Fans’ best chance meet Yearwood will be at her “Trisha’s Table” book signing at Williams-Sonoma Fashion Valley Saturday from 1 to 3 p.m.

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