Carlsbad citizens stall newly proposed mall

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CARLSBAD, Calif. -- More than 8,000 signatures were gathered to stop the proposed 85/15 plan to build an outdoor shopping mall at the sight of the historic strawberry fields in Carlsbad.

The Carlsbad City Council voted unanimously to pass the Caruso Affiliated project that promises to bring a Nordstrom and other high-end retail stores to the area.

“They can’t just do anything they want. We need and deserve, as citizens, to have this project put to a vote,” said De’Ann Weimer, president of the Citizens for North County.

The council was berated for being out of touch with their citizens, and now are politically stuck between a rock and a hard place trying to decide between three options.

The City Council can rescind their approval of the development and set a date for a special election for the project, which will cost $500,000, or stall the vote until November of 2016 when the next election cycles.

No decision is expected until Nov. 18.


  • AliciaMOsborne

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  • Don Burton

    It’s SITE not “sight”. Geez, doesn’t anyone proofread? Anyway, hooray for the good guys!!! Carlsbad deserves a vote, but we shouldn’t need to pay for it. Let Caruso pay for it since he’s the one who promised a vote in the first place (which was, of course, a lie).

  • Charm Agnos

    Special Interest? I am a mom who has lived in Carlsbad for all my 44 years. It is so sad to me that lady believes that. She has very misguided. You can build a mall anywhere, you can’t build another lagoon!

  • Greg

    Who would consider building a mega mall on our precious Hedionda Lagoon? Though gold dust is precious it blinds you when it gets in your eyes…

  • Julie

    I don’t appreciate your sweeping shot of the people standing in the back (including myself) being accompanied by a declaration of what “mall supporters want”. We were not mall supporters.We are voters who have become skeptical since August 25,and it was clear from the conversation in that area. Quite clear.

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