Sewing needles found in Halloween candy

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(Kennett Square Police Dept.)

(Kennett Square Police Dept.)

KENNETT SQUARE, Pa. – Multiple children who trick-or-treated in the same Pennsylvania neighborhood found needles in their Halloween candy, according to police.

Several families in Kennett Square reported finding sewing needles inside as many as five Twix bars and some Snickers bars, WPVI reported.  The candy was given to four different children from all different households who were trick-or-treating during Halloween, police said.

A man told police he found the needles as he was checking his child’s candy. He said he saw a Facebook post from somebody describing needles in their Snickers candy, according to WPVI.

A police investigation also indicated a 12-year-old boy turned in a Snickers bar with needles in it on Sunday. The boy said he had been trick-or treating in the same area.

The Kennett Square Police Department is urging parents to check all candy before their kids eat it.

Anyone with information about the investigation should contact police at 610-268-3171.  Anonymous tipsters can call 610-444-5580.