Small craft advisory issued through Friday

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SAN DIEGO -- The ocean has been rough this week, characterized by high tides, strong swell and big waves. So rough even the most experienced of mariners had trouble.

Early Thursday, two sailors aboard a Navy training vessel were injured early Thursday near San Clemente Island due to the rough waters.

For that reason, the National Weather Service issued a small craft advisory through early Friday 30 to 60 nautical miles out.

“The National Weather Service puts out the small craft advisory to advise all boaters that there’s going to be particularly rough conditions so they don’t venture out farther than they’re comfortable," said San Diego Lifeguard Sgt. Ben Lewis.

Lewis said while the water may look calm here in Mission Bay, ocean waters can give boaters some trouble.

“A good mariner absolutely will always take the weather into consideration…even here just inside the bay, if you’re doing recreational water activities on the bay -- whether you’re doing SUP paddling or renting a small dingy for the day -- the wind can blow you around a little bit. So it’s something to think about anytime you’re getting out on the water," Lewis said.

Seaforth Boat Rentals in Mission Bay rents just about everything on the water, from ocean sport fishing boats, sail boats, power boats, fishing skiffs to jet skis. They even provide captains to operate the larger vessels. But Thursday, no one is heading out.

“It’s really not too bad inside the bay…as soon as you get out it starts getting more choppy," said Dan MacIntyre.

MacIntyre is an experienced mariner and manager of Mission Bay’s Seaforth Boat Rentals. He said safety is a priority and small craft advisories are always taken seriously.

“What we do is pleasure boating so if it’s not going to be pleasurable -- if you’re going to put yourself into a dangerous situation -- that’s when we’re cutting it off," MacIntyre said.

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