Driver who hit woman during ‘Zombie Walk’ testifies

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SAN DIEGO -- Matthew Pocci, the driver who severely injured a woman during last year's Zombie Walk at Comic-Con, testified Thursday afternoon as he faces a felony charge of reckless driving causing great bodily injury.

Pocci, 47, is deaf and testified through an interpreter.

On the stand, Pocci described what was going through his mind as he pulled up to the intersection in the Gaslamp where the parade was passing through on July 26, 2014.

“At first, it was confusing as to what’s going on. What are all these people walking by? Then it seemed like it was a parade – but it was zombie people," testified Pocci.

Pocci said he turned off his car for 10-15 minutes, but grew impatient. He said he turned the car back on and honked -- which caused people to surround the car.

Pocci said two men sat on the hood and he started to fear for the safety of his passengers, which included his fiancee, her nine-year-old son and her sister.

“I felt threatened, I felt scared. I felt I had an obligation, a responsibility to keep them safe," Pocci said.

Pocci sped through the intersection, hitting a woman who severely injured her arm and leg.

“I felt a bump and I didn’t know what it was -- I thought it was a curb," Pocci said. “I think about her, poor woman. I couldn’t believe I hit a woman. I’ve never hit anyone in my whole life.”

Pocci faces up to three years in prison, if convicted.


  • Patrick

    Some simple questions: Why they pedestrians keep on blocking these car waiting exceedingly 15 minutes than normal time? Why they jumped and sat on the car in first place? Why they have to banging and beating up the car? Why they don’t share the road with the cars? They scare the driver with their unnecessary angrily emotional?

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