Video shows design of proposed Mission Valley Chargers stadium

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SAN DIEGO — City leaders have released a video showing the design of the Mission Valley stadium they propose to help build for the San Diego Chargers.

The video, narrated by sportscaster Dick Enberg, focuses on the design of the stadium in relation to the local lifestyle.

“The design reflects the characteristics people love about San Diego,” Mayor Kevin Faulconer said in a written statement. “This new stadium will provide a fan experience unlike any other in the NFL.”



  • David Law

    where is the money coming from, this will never pass the voters, and the Chargers owner know it, So Bye Bye Chargers.

  • Michael

    Never going to happen. The city cant afford it. The environmentalists will fight it. The voters will not approve it. On top of all that. being a San Diego Native, meaning I am a fan of the Chargers, they still suck. I would like to keep them in San Diego, but given the choice between a new Stadium and a new convention center expansion, I would choose the Expansion of the convention center every time.

    • Bob

      Don’t say you’re a fan if you really aren’t. Anyone with a brain and 2 eyes can tell they suck right now. But choose a convention center over a stadium? That just gives you away. Why don’t you take a sandwich and eat it at the new convention center on Sunday Afternoon.

      • Michael

        Last I checked the Chargers went to the Super Bowl 21 years ago, AND LOST. Excuse me for saying that they don’t just suck right now, they have been a crappie team for a VERY LONG TIME.
        Besides that I doubt spending over a billion dollars on a new stadium will improve their playing ability.
        If we expand the convention center though we will get something in return besides a loosing team.
        Call me what you want but I would be first in line to buy season tickets if I thought the Chargers actually had a chance of even making the playoffs.

        • Joe

          So you’ll buy tickets when they’re doing well, but not when they aren’t… Typical fair weather Chargers fan. I think Bob was right, go enjoy your sandwich at the convention center.

          • Michael

            I will enjoy my sandwich at the convention center, it’s money better spent then watching yet another pathetic loss by the Chargers.

          • Michael

            Actually an avocado and sprouts sandwich sounds delicious about now.
            Is that a bit off topic?
            Here I thought we were talking about spending a small countries GDP on a stadium for a football team that hasn’t won a championship in 52 years. That’s longer then I have been alive.

  • chargers fan

    I thought sd would do something different and orignal the presentation and the stadium looks and sound like a knock off of the one in carson cmon sd you can do better then carson.

  • Steven

    It’s a pretty cool looking stadium. I’d try swinging the idea to the raiders. They make better use of our stadium than the bolts do. BTW if the chargers need help moving I will personally help load their gear. Thanks.

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