Local groups prepare to aid victims of Hurricane Patricia

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SAN DIEGO -- With Hurricane Patricia making landfall on Mexico’s Pacific coast, San Diego-based nonprofit Project Concern International is geared up and ready to provide aid to those affected.

Project Concern International has responded to natural disasters similar to Patricia in the past. They told FOX 5 they have been preparing at the onset of this storm and are ready for whatever it will leave behind.

“We’re preparing ourselves for something that could be fairly catastrophic," said the nonprofit’s Chris Bessenecker. “We anticipate a lot of people will be displaced, there’s going to be a lot of damage. So we’re preparing what we need to go down there…to assess and respond.”

Bessenecker along with other PCI Aid Workers will be heading to Mexico to provide aid. He says with most storms like this - there are logistical challenges to contend with.

“What are the main arteries of transportation and are those arteries cut off? If those arteries are cut off what alternative means do we have to get supplies to where they’re needed," said Bessenecker.

Meteorologists say Patricia is the strongest and most dangerous hurricane ever recorded. The hurricane expected to slam Mexico’s pacific coast and bring with it devastating 200-mph sustained winds and torrential rains.

“We’re going to fairly quickly want to assess, is it wind or is it flooding, or is it a combination of both?”

 Despite what they’ll arrive to in Mexico, Bessenecker says the non-profit is ready. He says an immediate response team and supplies have already been pulled together to assist in the rapid recovery for all those who will need help.

“That’s what we’re really good at, quickly figuring out what the need is, where the supplies are, and figuring out the logistics of getting the supplies from point A to point B," Bessenecker said.

PCI has been preparing all throughout the week. The team will fly into Mexico Sunday.

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