Rally against police brutality blocks freeway entrance

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SAN DIEGO -- A group of nearly 100 protestors rallied against police brutality in City Heights Thursday, forcing the closure of University Avenue entrances to Interstate 15.

The United Against Police Terror - San Diego and Af3irm San Diego groups organized the 20th annual "National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality" held nationwide.

Organizers said Thursday night's protest was timely because of Tuesday's deadly Gaslamp Quarter shooting involving two San Diego police officers.

The rally began and ended at the Officer Jeremy Henwood Memorial Park. Before the march, the memorial was covered with boxes and the sign could not be seen.

San Diego police traveled close with the group on motorcycles, SUVs and patrol cars, directing traffic and blocking off roads for the protesters' safety.


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  • murica

    Isn’t it strange it’s in such a great neighborhood? Why is it’s always the gang banger who wants police to be nice to them? How about acting like normal human beings and working for a living?

  • SubMOA

    Don’t break the law. Simple as that. Cops put their lives on the line for everyone, including these Obama Supporters. Guess who will show up, even to this neighbhorhood, when 911 is called… We are not protesting police brutality in Rancho Santa Fe. Know why? We don’t give police a reason to fear for their lives and defend themselves. Follow the law (as long as it is within our Constitution) and you’ll be just fine Jamal ;)

  • Fox

    Hey black people, get the chip off ur shoulder and get ur shit together. Stop blaming everything on the cops and stop standing up for and protecting the thugs and their gangster culture that young black males want to emulate. Instead of asking why the cops shot the guy in the gas lamp the other day you should be asking why the guy was in traffic waving what appeared to be a realistic weapon and then pointing at police.
    It’s as simple as do what your told and you won’t get shot. Don’t point guns at people don’t steal and have some goddamn respect. Your culture is not entitled to anything. No one alive today owned block people as slaves. Take some damn responsibility already

  • G

    I’m curious how this protest would have gone if the police hadn’t closed off streets, escorted the idiots safely through the area. These people are oblivious to what our public safety officers deal with, and cope with everyday, way beyond the 50+ hours they spend on the clock. Thank you SDPD, for keeping San Diego as safe as we can ask for. Odd, I’ve never interacted with a police officer – at least in a negative way. Me – a Hispanic, from Spring Valley, now in one of the nicer parts of SD

  • Common Sense

    I wish the Police in city heights would enforce a god damn law. Instead they let people here vandalize each others property, drive like it’s TJ and little kids get hit by cars; all for “community relations”. Fuck that and fuck these dirty criminals, let’s send all these fuckers to China. That otta give them something to complain about.

    • common sense my ass

      What does China have to do with anything? If anything, send them back to Mexico and Africa.
      Let the animals in shitty heights kill themselves. They keep pumping money into redevelopment in that shithole without any improvement. Just raze that damn shithole.

  • Idiot liberals

    Oh, this was just a rally against police. By some worthless douchebags.

    GFYs, America-hating garbage!

  • xenubarb

    Let’s not forget that the police chief is trying to hang on to videos and also, remember that racist training material disrespecting the first San Diego black police officer?

    How good is this department? There’s no civilian oversight with any power, the police unions have that. So, yanno, not that great. Are we tired of hearing platitudes from the chief about better training and “reestablishing trust in the community?”

    Better training won’t fix abusive cops. And how did you lose community trust in the first place. Did you ever have it?

    • Karen Phillips

      So…training will “fix” the cops you don’t like, huh?

      What will fix the filthy animals like you that reside in shitty heights and other dirty ghettos?

      Seriously, we are sick of you pieces of excrement stealing our stuff, breaking our laws, sucking up the welfare and hurting our citizens. STFU and GFY!

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