All defendants guilty in sexual torture, murder of Marine wife

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VISTA, Calif. – A man and two women involved in a sadomasochistic sex ring are guilty of torturing and murdering a 22-year-old military wife at a home in Fallbrook jurors said Wednesday.

The panel found Louis Ray Perez, 49, Dorothy Maraglino, 40, and Jessica Lynn Lopez, 28, guilty of 1st degree murder in the April 13, 2012, death of Brittany Killgore. The defendants were also found guilty of the special circumstance of kidnapping Killgore and  could face life in prison when they are sentenced.

Killgore had just filed for divorce from her Marine husband, who was deployed to Afghanistan, when she was allegedly lured to a meeting with Perez. Her body was found four days later near Lake Skinner in Riverside County.  FOX 5 talked to Killgore's mother after court, "our daughter was a beautiful woman inside and out and unfortunately she ran across people that were not good - were monsters.  And they took her life."

According to Deputy District Attorney Patrick Espinoza, a stun baton found in the back of Perez's SUV had the victim's DNA on it. A plastic sheet in the back of Perez's car also had the victim's blood on it, Espinoza told the jury.

Lopez's attorney, Sloan Ostbye, told jurors that her client was a victim to a "slave'' contract she entered into with Maraglino in the bondage and sadomasochistic world. Ostbye presented Lopez as a patsy, an abused servant forced to take the blame for a crime she did not commit.

"She was known as `money bitch,''' Ostbye said. "Her role was not unsimilar (sic) to that of a dog.''

Because of the sensitive nature of the evidence in the case.  Cameras were not allowed in the courtroom during the trial until the verdicts were reached, and said the prosecutor, the wrong conclusions were drawn about Killgore

"A neighbor was put on camera and made a statement to believe that victim Brittany Killgore was part of the BDSM community. That’s not true. That’s never been true."


  • idiot liberals

    Yup, they’re all terrible people and deserve to burn.

    But does some of the responsibility lie with the dead girl?

    She was messing around on her hubby who was deployed in a foreign country, fighting for the US at the time.


      • Idiot liberals

        In some countries, sure. These animals were committing attrocites that are very non-USA like.

        So, to answer your question, maybe.

        But here’s something young women in these circumstances should remember: Play with fire, you’re gonna get burned.

  • Tracy Phillips

    I hope they all get the death penalty! They should be tortured like the victim was. Evil people rotten people.

    • jeffersonreborn

      Well they won’t… they’ll NEVER see an execution like they should. You know why? Because the people of California elect democrats who refuse to administer the death sentence for heinous crimes. This is why “California Death Row” is as they say … “full” and the State wants to spend more money to build bigger housing for them when they should really start flushing some of these f’n turds down the drain. The democrats of California have serious issues with executing an individual convicted beyond a reasonable doubt after due process of law BUT in the same breath they have no problem with some 20 year old deciding to execute a baby before the baby even has a chance at their God given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. California is a morally bankrupt State and will continue to be until the people figure out they’re been bamboozled by the DNC which does not represent their beliefs.

  • Mom

    I don’t think anything says she was messing around. They should stay locked up, with their twisted minds and heart less. Sometimes people trust in “friendships” unknowing of the actual evil intentions the person has. Very very sad. We can’t jump in thinking she was messing around when her hubby was gone. Sometimes people on deployment both parts sometimes cheat. It’s a sad reality but I don’t think either were cheating in this case. I think military families need a lot of support especially when there’s children involved.

  • TimothySMalone

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  • Mystique

    Makes me sick!!! You have 3 POS waste of life people!!! I hope they rott in hell and are tortured in prison!!! Harsh but that is how I feel!!!! Worthless people who have no regard for another persons life!

  • Steven

    BDSM? That’s like me responding to a ‘torture at own risk’ advertisement? My condolences to the Marine who lost his very estranged wife.

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