Border officer shoots, kills man with knife

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US Customs and Border Protection

CALEXICO, Calif. – A man was shot and killed Wednesday morning after allegedly attacking customs officers with a knife at the Calexico West Port of Entry.

The man approached U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers on a bike just after midnight, according to the agency. He got off his bike with a knife in his hand and walked toward an officer, investigators said. The officer felt threatened and shot the man.

Officers administered  first aid until paramedics arrived. The man was taken to ahospital, where he died.

The customs officer was not injured.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Inspector General, the Calexico Police Department and Customs and Border Protection are investigating the incident.


  • John

    Customs Officers are not Border Patrol Agents! They are two very different positions with different jobs, even different uniforms. Please know what you’re writing.

    • TimothySMalone

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    • Tommy l.

      Actually, there’s no such thing as “customs officers, “either. The creation of DHS in 2003 did away with US Customs from the Treasury Dept and INS Immigration Inspectors from the DOJ.

      There is now one position called, “Customs and Border Protection Officer (CBPO).”

      • John

        When you say one position, I hope you don’t mean to include Border Patrol in that. There is most definitely another position within CBP called Border Patrol Agent.

      • Yvonne

        Yes you are right! The creation of Department of Homeland Security(DHS) combined Customs and INS into Customs and Border Protection(CBP). Of course legacy Customs Inspectors and legacy INS had to learn each others duties. Luckily for the new officers that came aboard after the change, they know no difference. While Border Patrol is under DHS, it is a separate agency. In airports, people also tend to think that TSA and CBP officers are the same as well. It is really annoying.

  • edgaricardo40

    A witness who was a few feet from where the incident happened told us at the gas station where I work at near the border, that the officer shot the suspect around seven times. Four of them presumably while the man was already lying on the floor. I’m glad that the officer didn’t get hurt, but I don’t find a reason that justifies shooting a man who’s already hurt lying on the floor.

    • Danell Catron

      It says “Border Officer”. Is that even a position? The picture is also of a BP Agent and not a CBP Officer. You think they would know the difference.

  • Yvonne

    It is sad that someone had to die, but the officer had to protect his or herself. No one should be coming at an armed officer with a knife or any weapon, because you are going to get shot. If the officer shot the person once and assumed the person was no longer a threat, that person could have still harmed or even killed the officer. What if the same person got through the border and harmed a citizen? Then pople would be complaining about how the border is not protected. I don’t understand why people are so quick to criticize the officer. The officer was doing his job.

  • Yeah that's what happened!

    Never take a post without a drop weapon. I sure hope there is video on it as CBP has a terrible track record on coverups, false reports, and stonewalling. Like someone posted, 7 shots is a hell of a lot of mistakes. Good thing he pointed it the right way on the last shot.

  • emilievardaman

    Glad the officer wasn’t hurt, and yes, he had to defend himself and others. But once the man with the knife (or sword, whatever) was down, to continue shooting is just plain wrong.

  • Vanessa Reyna

    Excuse me Sir John, but do you really know what CBP stands for? Ok let me tell you CBP means Custom Border Protection. So, if they never mentioned Border Patrol, I think you should be the one that needs to know what YOU read and what you write. Thank you…

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