Motorcycle cops kill armed man in Gaslamp

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SAN DIEGO -- Two motorcycle officers shot a man, fatally wounding him, when he allegedly pulled a gun on them as they chased him through the Gaslamp District Tuesday afternoon.

The 39-year-old suspect, who was later found to be the subject of an outstanding armed robbery warrant out of Virginia, bolted when one of the officers tried to contact him about making a disturbance and interfering with traffic near Horton Plaza about 2 p.m., according to San Diego police.

The man ran to the south on Sixth Avenue, ignoring repeated orders to halt, Capt. David Nisleit told reporters. Reaching F Street, the suspect allegedly turned toward his pursuers and pulled a pistol out of his waistband.

Fearing for their lives, the officers opened fire on the man, who fell onto the roadway, Nisleit said. He then began to sit up and raise the weapon again, prompted them to shoot him again.

Medics took the man to UCSD Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. His name was withheld pending family notification.

Police shut down the intersection where the shooting occurred along with nearby traffic lanes to allow detectives to gather evidence.

The officers involved in the shooting did not activate their uniform- worn cameras before or during the encounter, the captain told reporters in response to a question on the topic. It was unclear why they failed to follow that department procedure, which is supposed to take place prior to all citizen contacts.

One of the officers has been with the SDPD for 30 years and the other for 25 years, police said.

Police have identified the suspect but his name was being withheld pending family notifications.

Virginia authorities had warned that he should be considered armed and dangerous, police said, but that was apparently unknown to the officers at the time of the shooting.


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    • Infohere

      Innocent? You mean the guy who was armed and wanted for armed robbery in VA? The officer didn’t turn off his body camera. He probably didn’t have time to turn it on while driving his motorcycle, putting the incident out on the radio, and trying to defend himself.

    • Idiot liberals

      Innocent. Wow.

      Are you certain you aren’t a liberal? That’s how liberals think: “Hate cops, facts be damned!”

      You see, there is a sheet-ton of photo evidence and witness statements showing he pointed a gun at them.

      Have you seen the photo of the soon-to-be-dead perp pointing the gun at the cops–again–after he’d already been shot once? It’s a beautiful thing.

      Kinda like your naïveté.

  • lmn2802

    Where in the article does it state that the camera was off? How many law abiding firearm owners carry their pistol in their waistband? Don’t you think that since it happened at 2 pm in a busy area of downtown that there were a lot of witnesses? Probably best to wait for the facts to come in.

      • Idiot liberals

        First off, I agree that liberals suck.

        The dead douchebag was a liberal.

        Let me explain the best cam issue: They can’t be on all the time. Not enough battery life. Cops should turn them on when they expect trouble.

        But when a guy points a gun at me, I quickly think, “Hmmm…turn on vest cam or kill the douchebag shooting at me?”

        I hope this answers your question.

        • Tommy l.

          That’s actually a very good response and answered my question!

          “It was unclear why they failed to follow that department procedure, which is supposed to take place prior to all citizen contacts.”

          PS: liberals are idiots…

      • Kindel

        Innocent victim? He was noncompliant and carrying a weapon in his waistband. Maybe if the officers stopped to turn on their cameras while someone was pointing a gun at them, there would be real innocent victims dead!!! And not just the cops, there are plenty of pedestrians in that area. I’m sure that the cameras downtown, cell phone footage and witness testimony will support the officers.

        • DumbAssSD

          It was in his hand, pointed at the officers – which was verified by witnesses from the media. Were you the first in your family to walk upright without his knuckles scraping the ground?

      • Infohere

        “Virginia authorities had warned that he should be considered armed and dangerous, police said, but that was apparently unknown to the officers at the time of the shooting.”

        The officers probably figured he was armed and dangerous by the fact he was pointing a gun at them.

      • Stokely Carm

        You conservative idiots are annoying beyond repair. I’m just surprised you didn’t go on a further tangent and blame Obama for this madness because after all, it’s liberal who are so pro-guns and firearms…no wait that’s the redneck piece of trash NRA conservatives. Another lunatic who obtains an easily accessible firearm in America, what a surprise… Fortunately, no bystanders or witnesses were killed in his pursuit. But, those also shows how out-of-sync you conservative morons are, assuming the suspect was a liberal when you don’t know a single detail about him. You’re most likely also closet-racist and bigoted. Show your true colors only online.

        • Yvette gonzales

          Ha ha! Sorry you’re upset that another animal was removed from society.

          We need lots more of this!

          And less America-hating garbage like you.

  • DumbAssSD

    “Sir, hold on while you’re pointing that loaded pistol at me, I have to reach down and activate my camera first”

  • Stokely Carm

    Their bodycam was off to invoke their self-anointed license to kill. Trigger-happy pigs never surprise me; rather than turn on their body cams to protect themselves and the suspect, they chased him down to kill. Oink oink.

  • Matthew Passanisi

    Certain procedures that Law enforcementOfficials are not obeyed for reasons that an average person wont understand. One thing is for sure in this casse. This degenerate that drew a weapon at an Officer wassa right Kill byOur standards in America. Suicide by Cop. Good ridence to the degenerate. Definately was a degenerate that caused harm and turmoil during his pathetiic life and will never hurt anyone again. The Good Guys won another battle 4 theGood People. Luv those Cops and ones like them. The cameras r 2 make sure Good People do not get hurt by Bad cops.

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