Human remains found at Lake Hodges

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SAN DIEGO - Partial human remains were discovered on a walking path along Lake Hodges in Escondido Saturday.

At around 7:30 a.m., San Diego County Sheriff's Department deputies responded to a report of suspicious circumstances near the 19900 block of Lake Drive.

That's when they discovered partial skeletal remains near the shore, Lt. Kenn Nelson said.

According to deputies, a woman walking with her dogs made the discovery.

The discovery is nerve-racking for Olivia Tosic, an Escondido resident, whose 20 year-old son, Skylar, has been missing since August 30th.

“Seven weeks and my son was very thin, unusually skinny – I’m just worried. I’m praying to God right now it’s not him," said Tosic.

Tosic said her son disappeared after going on a hike with two other guys.

“My son was a student at Palomar College where he met the kids he apparently disappeared with," said Tosic.

It's unclear if the remains are those of a male or female.

The remains were taken to the medical examiner for investigation and the Homicide Detail was called, Nelson said.


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