Olive Garden apologizes to cop after hostess asks him to leave

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - All Michael Holsworth wanted to do on Sunday was enjoy a nice birthday lunch with his family, but a hostess at Olive Garden wouldn't even let him wait in the restaurant.

The Kansas City police officer was dressed in full uniform when he was refused service from the Olive Garden on 40 Highway and Noland Road for carrying his service weapon, WDAF-TV reported.

The employee allegedly asked Holsworth to leave the restaurant. Believing it was a joke, he asked the hostess if she was serious. Her simple reply was: "Yes, please leave."

Holsworth took to Facebook to share his story because he "did not want other officers to be subjected to the same embarrassing situation." His post went has been shared more than 9,000 times.

The news sparked outrage on Olive Garden's Facebook and Twitter pages and the company quickly responded saying that Olive Garden loves serving law enforcement and the incident was a misunderstanding.


Rich Jeffers, a spokesperson for Olive Garden, said this type of of treatment is "highly inconsistent" with the chain's business values. He also reported that the company's president, Dave George, apologized to Holsworth and said police officers are always welcome inside their restaurants.


      • grill

        That police officer had every right to go public with this incident. He stated he did not want any other police officer to go there and encounter what he did. That hostess should have been fired since she can not tell the difference between an officer’s gun and someone who is carrying a concealed weapon.

      • Guy Jones

        So, you’re uncomfortable with the idea of a black man being the president? And, somehow you think this is Obama’s fault. Fortunately, there are fewer uneducated, racist bigots than there are thinking citizens.

        • Idiot liberals

          Oh, not at all. On the contrary, I’m a Dr. Ben Carson supporter.

          But he wouldn’t fit into your world, right?

          “Black” isn’t what you people are after. No…

  • Phil t.

    This is sad but exactly what the douchebag in our White House wants.

    This officer had no responsibility to speak with a manager. The humiliation in front of other guests was enough and its bes to handle things later.

    I want to hear of that employee’s termination ASAP.

  • Jim

    According to Olive Garden Mgmt. it’s a misunderstanding. My question is how is this a misunderstanding? The officer was told to leave by an employee. That’s not a misunderstanding, it’s an injustice and the I hope the employee was fired.

    • Idiot liberals

      Exactly! This horrible person, who has cost that company millions of dollars, needs to be fired immediately or they have no credibility.

      Their apology means nothing if they allow such an employee to continue working there.

  • Mark Annis

    There is no excuse for this. This employee should have known better. Police Officers are authorized to carry their firearms at all the times, whether in uniform or not. She overstepped her bounds, a classic case of someone thinking they are more important that what they are. She should be disciplined.

  • Guy Jones

    To all you idiots calling for the girls termination, do you realize that this was probably a young girl in her first job? It seems the more *conservative* you are, the more like sharia law you want to implement. I half expect you guys to yard start calling for her stoning or public shaming. You guys would be right at home in Saudi Arabia.

    • Idiot liberals

      No, she was raised by other animals to hate police.

      Her termination should be a “teachable lesson” that your messiah always screeches about.

      Either she goes or that company will continue to bleed revenue.

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