President Obama stays active during San Diego trip

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SAN DIEGO -- President Barack Obama was expected to leave San Diego Monday after staying quite active during his "relaxing" trip to San Diego County over the weekend.

President Obama with a close security detail exits the putting green and gets ready to play Torrey Pines. (Photo: John Gasttaldo, San Diego Union-Tribune)

President Obama with a close security detail exits the putting green and gets ready to play Torrey Pines. (Photo: John Gasttaldo, San Diego Union-Tribune)

Several people took to social media Sunday posting messages of where they saw Obama.

Patience pays off for family who waited to see Obama

Anna Spalding, a yoga instructor, said she was on-call Sunday morning in case Obama wanted a quick session at Rancho Valencia, a luxury hotel in Rancho Santa Fe.  Spalding said he ended up running on the treadmill.

Then, Obama's motorcade was seen driving to Torrey Pines Golf Course overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  He practiced his golf swing at the driving range before hitting the course.

The president arrived at the municipal golf course at 12:15 p.m. with his friends, Darrell Harrington and Mike Ramos.

Obama planned to spend the rest of the weekend relaxing with his family in upscale Rancho Santa Fe and depart Monday afternoon, media reports said.

Obama arrived on Air Force One at the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar Saturday evening following a three-stop fundraising trip to Los Angeles.

The President's visit had people posting suggestions for what he should do while in San Diego.


During an event in Pacific Palisades in Los Angeles County, Obama singled out Rep. Scott Peters of San Diego, saying he is "one of the finest members of Congress,'' and praising Peters' votes on trade and equal pay.

"(Peters) not only has a good heart, but knows how to get things done,'' Obama said.



  • Stu

    Easy to have fun anywhere, especially at someone else s expense. That is what he and his family does, travel for fun and say it is political. Try separating your job with your fun and pay for your fun out of your own pocket like every US worker does.

  • Stu

    Slavery is alive and well in the US. The Obama’s beckons their slave and the American public must respond to serve them at their needs.

  • Stu

    Martin Luther King Jr. said “Do not judge a man by the color of his skin, but by the character of his heart”. Obama’s heart is evil and dark. Wake up America, he is running us to ruins. King was a man of truth and honor, Obama is a man of deception and lies.

      • Don De

        BULAA2758, He has done more to INCREASE tensions in race relations than anyone in the past 50 years, and that includes David Duke of the KKK. He has demonstrated by HIS own actions that he (Obama) is the racist among us, as well as his hand picked racist Administration. (like the department of Injustice, [my people], Eric Holder).
        As bad as he has been for America in general, his policies have been particularly devastating on the Black communities. His illegal alien Immigration policy influx has flooded the labor markets with cheap, unskilled labor.
        You tell me what the unemployment rate is for young blacks in America, and then try tell me that it’s ‘whitiey’s fault’. It just ain’t gonna fly. Not once, but twice!!!!

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