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2 San Diegans killed in crash near Indio

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SAN DIEGO — Medical examiners in Riverside County Sunday said two San Diegans were killed in a crash on the 10 Freeway east of Indio.

Henry Gutierrez, 70, and Pamela Gutierrez, 64, both of San Diego, were inside a vehicle that crashed into the center divider of the westbound 10 Freeway near Chiriaco Summit, about 30 miles east of Indio, according to a coroner’s office report.

The California Highway Patrol received the first reports of the crash at 3:53 p.m. Saturday, and Riverside County Firefighters arrived three minutes later, said Jody Hagemann of the Riverside County Fire Department.

At least one of the car’s occupants had to be cut out of the vehicle by firefighters.


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        • jimmy gallegos

          stfu asshole !! you should go to hell or ill shoot you … u better not talk to mrs. G (R.i.P)
          its a degree you dont know cause ur an ignorant

          • Ignacio Sanchez

            Tell me, senor Gallegos: Are you representative of what the dead teacher spawned? Are you one the the students he was proud to graduate?

            Inquiring minds want to know how the violent underclass thinks…

    • Kristina

      You are a classless POS and your tactless comment should be removed. This man was a respected educator and even if he were illegal, wtf does that have to do with anything. You make me sick.

    • Christian

      Not illegals no where near it. She was an amazing teacher and professor. He was a great teacher and a former navy seal. Great people these two. They truly cared for us as students and only wanted the best for us.

      • Ignacio sanchez

        He was a Navy Seal? I’d like to see that in writing.

        I sure hope the family doesn’t try to allege that in the obituary or the real Seals will have something to say about it.

        • nrek

          He was a Vietnam Veteran, served nearly three tours, and was awarded two Purple Hearts for injuries received during combat. “The family” is going to honor him with the respect he accurately earned and deserves.

    • Clarissa Jaselle

      Don’t indulge him people…I’M betting this guy’s parents were blood-related first cousins.

      I had Mrs. G my senior year in high school…I’m heartbroken to hear of this tragedy. May they both rest in peace. Everyone loved her.

    • Enrique Gutierrez

      My father, Henry Gutierrez, served in the United States Navy for Vietnam for nearly 3 tours. He is a purple heart recipient, twice over, and was a decorated serviceman until his Honorable Discharge from injuries incurred while fighting for the United States of America. His wife, Pamela Gutierrez, was a highly accomplished college graduate with multiple degrees from various universities, born in Washington State, daughter to a Veteran, and well respected family of both Washington State and Oregon.

      They both taught about the harm of ignorance, were advocates of Human Rights, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and even this jack off’s rights to speak his mind as granted to him by the First Amendment, regardless if it’s rhetoric just blurted out in stupidity. Keyboards make people courageous. I would love to meet you and introduce you to my father’s brothers. I’m more than certain we would all love to change your mind about how your shallow, petty, short-sighted, pathetic, ignorant, cowardly comments affect not only those directly affected by the loss of these great people, but also all the people they touched over the many years of both serving this nation you waste space in, and their students, family, and friends. Feel free to email me your apology. nrek00 @ gmail .com

        • nrek

          No, he served in the US Navy during the Vietnam War, patrol boat recon, 50 cal gunner, among other things. He was Honorably Discharged after receiving his second Purple Heart.

      • Linda

        Your father was awesome! I had the pleasure of having him as a teacher when he first started at ncms and I also got to work with him for the past couple of years at ncms! His stories during his lunch as I came into work were always the best. He will be greatly missed.

  • B

    Mr.G was the nicest teacher I’ve ever had he taught me a lot. He was my middle school video, and advisory teacher. I’m so sorry he passed away with his wife he deserved better and I will never forget . RIP Mr. G

  • Larry Lancer

    Rest in pepperonis Ms. G, kinda sucks cause I really wanted to see you again once I got back to the school. We’ll miss you.

  • A

    I Actually go to the school he teached at before he passed. And personally didn’t have Mr.G as a teacher but my friends and I would visit him in the morning, and he was the most funny and passionate teacher you’d know.He’d also tell you these life stories and somehow, you’d relate to them.And now he and his wife are in a better place.
    Rest In Piece Mr. Gutierrez.

  • bill sturgeon

    Henry and Pam were returning from the NABA World Series in Phoenix. Henry pitched an awesome game.
    I will miss my friends.

    • nrek

      Bill, thank you to you and all his team brothers. You have all been very supportive. John has my number, you’re welcome to reach out for details. He will also receive them. I believe there’s an email going around.

  • S

    I’m gonna miss listening to Mr.G telling me his life stories and helping everytime I needed something. He’s a nice guy who lived well and lived life to the fullest. He disciplined us for our good and taught us respect. I’m never going to forget him always telling me ‘ Nah. You’re better then them. Don’t worry. When there’s something bad, there’s always something good. If they don’t believe in you, I will. ‘ I’ll miss you Mr.G & Mrs.G. I’ll always remember you guys. 😔👼🏼🌅

    • Uneducated rabble

      I sure hope you and the others who are posting aren’t bragging about the dead teachers’ teaching skills. Your comments are rife with grammar, syntax and punctuation errors.

      The bar they set was indeed a low one.

      Perhaps they should’ve taught you English instead of rambling on about “life stories” or how you’re “better then them.”

      I’m here to tell you, it’s obvious you’re not “better than them.”

      • Enough

        What motivates a person to be so tactless and cruel?

        Your actions are unconscionable. Allow those who loved Henry and Pamela a safe place to express their grief.

      • S

        First off don’t talk abut them not teaching us well. Secondly I didn’t post this comment to ” brag ” I posted this comment to show my respect and memories that I’ll always remember about him. You may think that it’s bragging but it isn’t. If you truly knew these people you wouldn’t be saying that. These people went through many things and sacrificed many things for the benefit of us having a good life. They helped us with our problems and academics. Also you don’t know what I’ve been through. You don’t know all the pain I felt in my life and how much I thought about terrible things. He told me I was better then those people because he saw success in me. Ever since Mr.G taught me so many things I’m aiming higher then what people expected me to do. I have dreams and goals like others and I have rights to show my gratitude towards people who I’ve known almost my whole life. I don’t like that you’re practically judging me for posting something about my teacher that has nothing to do with you and not knowing everything. Please just keep your words to yourself because in the end what great things out of someone who is critizing someone who is in an emotional state once again. Just please leave me to be. I didn’t say anything about you, so you shouldn’t have said anything about me. Sorry for being rude towards you but I truly do care and appreciate this couple.

      • nrek

        This is the type of ignorance my parents told all their students about. Don’t let it get to you, kids. People like this don’t have any clue about you, where you come, what you’ve done to come as far as you have, or the struggles you are all faced with. They have no insights into the world other than their own bubble, and assume that reality to every one else. They are also entitled to their own opinion, regardless of how shallow and harmful it is. The First Amendment affords every American the right to make themselves look like a complete ass should they choose.

  • Martina

    My favorite teacher just died😔😔😔😔😢😢😢😢😢😢😰😰😰😩😩😩😭😭😭😭

  • BC

    Such a sad story. They were my friend’s aunt and uncle. The family is very saddened. People leaving rude comments should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Christian

    Nooo rip Mr. And mrs. G she was an awesome teacher at hilltop high in chula vista, and a college professor, she pushed us to our full potential. She was like a mother to me and made me set goals for not just school but for life. Rip mrs g love u always

  • Sgt. Soucy Gary

    I had the honor to work with Mrs. G. I was a Marine recruiter for hilltop and she brought me I with open arms she was fair and very understanding. I met Mr G a few times he was a great man and Pam loved to talk about his Navy service. Rest in peace Mr and Mrs G you will be missed. The world lost two great people.

  • Liliana

    R.I.P Mr.G I’ll miss you you where like a grandpa to me, and every one who is leaving negative comments stop being rude and childish.

  • Natalia Anai Valencia

    R.I.P Mr.G you will never be forgotten you were always there for me and you pushed me to the best in school You Were The Best Teacher I Ever Had😭😭😭❤️ R.I.P Mr.G

  • Someone that cares

    Why do u people have to talk about my 2nd period teacher like that you people think this is funny it’s not it’s heartbreaking 😡😡

  • Christian Aguilar

    Woow, Just recently finding out that Mr,G the best teacher I had in middle school. I had him for only a year but I can’t explain how fucked up it is , I remember his Cadillac, Chill and cool teacher ! Damm Lets just pray for the family !! Sad sad sad . wasn’t his time ! One historical event from him was when we sat there in the P.E erea Being 1# in class by Last name ! he always use to mispronounce my Last name ( Aguilera ) just cause I recorrected him … RIP !

  • Rick Williams

    I had the honor of taking Henry’s photo while he was pitching in a game at El Capitan. He had a fearless presence on the mound and I could see he loved to pitch and wanted to be in the middle of the action….
    So sad ….. I’m sorry….

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