Point Loma residents angered by proposed flight plan

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SAN DIEGO -- More than 1,000 frustrated Point Loma residents packed a public meeting Tuesday night to protest a plan to bring a flight path from Lindbergh Field closer to homes.

The majority of residents showed up to protest the proposal. After a Change.org petition was created to request that the current flight path remain in place, in just a few days, more than 3,000 people signed the petition in an attempt to stop the FAA from moving forward.

Many residents say they believe their quality of life is diminishing, property values will plunge, and that federal officials tried to quietly pass the proposal without notifying the community.

Under the current flight path, jets take off to the west, make a wide turn and fly over the ocean, then cross the lightly populated area near Silver Strand State Beach.

The new path would have airliners make a sharper turn, crossing Point Loma. The FAA says it will save fuel and pollution, but residents don't like it.

“I bought a house outside of the flight path and now they are trying to put those planes right on top of me,” said one resident as he made his case to FAA officials.

Dozens of residents argued against the proposal, and no one spoke in favor of the new flight path.

Most of the people who spoke with FOX 5 said they were outraged that the FAA gave them no warning of the plan and did not accept public comment. But Tuesday night, FAA officials said they were listening.

“Whatever you have to say, give us that comment so we can respond to it while we go further into the process. There is no decision made at this point," said FAA Regional Manager Glen Martin.

The FAA says concerned residents have until Oct. 8 to make their voices heard. A decision could come as early as January.


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  • DB

    Property values “plunging”?. . . . in a place like Point Loma? They may take a hit, but plunging? Doubtful. Always going o be some of the best property in the state. As for the planes going out 5 miles and circling around as far south as the IB Pier (I’ve done that on flights) as they are doing now is probably a little far–what about a happy medium? As a passenger, I’m not a fan of “sharp turns” on takeoff. In Albuquerque where you have 10,000 ft mountains at the end of the runway that’s how you take off–very sharp turns–a little unnerving at times.

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