Bicyclist in critical condition after crash on Mission Bay Drive

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PACIFIC BEACH – A bicyclist was rushed to a hospital in critical condition after he was struck by a vehicle on a freeway offramp near Mission Bay Sunday, San Diego Fire-Rescue said.

The collision occurred on the northbound 5’s Mission Bay Drive offramp, at around 11:30 a.m., San Diego police said.

The California Highway Patrol was called to close off the area and investigate.

He was taken to Scripps La Jolla Hospital, a SDF-R dispatcher said.


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  • Tom Philips

    I see these morons on bikes breaking the traffic laws all the time. It’s only a matter of time.

    And I guess no one really cares when this happens, except the other 2-wheeled fanatics.

    I hope his insurance pays for the car’s damage.

  • billdsd

    On the freeway offramp? Really? That seems unlikely. Bicyclists can get onto Mission Bay drive from Mission Bay Park, south of the point where the freeway ramp merges with Mission Bay Drive. Once they merge, it’s not a ramp anymore. It’s all Mission Bay Drive.

    It seems more likely that the cyclist was doing that, which would mean that he wasn’t really on the ramp. If that’s the case then he was on Mission Bay Drive and likely trying to merge right across the lanes coming off of the freeway. That’s legal. When I’ve done this, I’ve noticed that very few drivers are willing to slow down to let a bike over. They’ve got to get to the red light at Grand as soon as possible. Every millisecond lost waiting at the next red light counts. They do seem to love spending as much time as possible waiting at each red light. Can’t slow down to let a bike over for any reason, even though the net time loss is typically zero.

    For him to actually be on the ramp, he would have had to have entered the freeway further back, like at Clairemont Dr., which seems unlikely.

    • AmyBG

      My thoughts exactly – I wish the news would take more time to get details straight instead of making it seem like the cyclist was riding where they shouldn’t have been. Turning left onto Mission Bay Drive from that Mission Bay Park light is extremely dangerous on a bike because you are forced to maneuver around people merging onto Mission Bay Dr. from the Balboa/Garnet off ramp. There has to be a way to improve this somehow for both the safety of cyclists and drivers.

      • billdsd

        All high speed transitions onto or off of surface roads should be removed in favor of right angle transitions or light or stop sign controlled transitions.

        When I make the transition coming from Mission Bay Park, I stay in the center of the left lane until it’s either clear of cars coming up from behind me from the freeway or until someone actually slows down to let me over as I’m signalling to move over to the right. Usually it’s the former but every once in a while it’s the latter. Not all drivers are jerks to bicyclists, but a lot are because nothing is more important to them than spending more time waiting at the next red light.

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