San Marcos boy saves brother’s life in car accident

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SAN MARCOS, Calif. -- A boy who was hit by a car in front of Palomar College is speaking out about the accident.

“They gave me medicine so it doesn’t hurt that much,” said Steven Manghram.

Battered and bruised, the 13-year-old boy fought through his pain to speak exclusively with FOX 5.

He said he and his younger brother Donovan were walking to San Marcos Middle School on Thursday morning. They always use the crosswalk at Comet Circle East and Mission Road. As they stepped into the crosswalk, Steven quickly stopped.

“Then a blue or black car came past,” said Steven. “So I pushed Donovan back and then the white one came and I tried to jump but I couldn’t. I did a flip and landed on my face after I got hit.”

Steven was immediately airlifted to Rady Children’s Hospital and his 12-year-old brother Donovan was transported to Palomar Medical Center.

“Once the car ran the light, he pushed his brother back," said the boys' mother, Tiffany Hayne. "The second car is the one that hit them."

Tiffany explained it was not one, but two cars that ran the red light on Mission Road.

“This is a busy street, but it’s a busy street that has a college and a middle school on it,” Hayne said.

She said the accident should serve as a reminder for drivers to slow down.

“People want to get to where they want to go fast and they’re not doing it at 25 miles per hour, they’re not,” Hayne said through tears.

The accident is under investigation and it’s not clear if the 17-year-old driver was speeding. He told Sheriff’s deputies he was blinded by the sun. Drugs or alcohol were not a factor.

The City of San Marcos is also investigating.

“The incident is truly unfortunate and our thoughts are with all involved. It is a strong reminder of the importance of being extra cautious when driving in and around school and crossing zones. The city cannot comment on the incident as the investigation is still ongoing,” said Communications Officer Sarah Macdonald.

“He has these breaks in his face and there’s fragments in his cheek,” Hayne said. “As far as what his eye looks like, the damage is just to the bone right now, not necessarily to the eye.”

Thanks to Steven’s quick thinking, his little brother Donovan is fine.

“It’s just the ankle, he’s been doing the crutches,” Hayne said.

She said the fact Steven saved his little brother’s life is no surprise.

“He’s always looked after his brother and no matter what they do he’s always looking after him. It was typical Steven,” Hayne said. “Even now, he’s asking me if I’m OK and telling me everything’s going to be OK.”

Hayne said Steven also told her he never imagined getting hit by a car would be so painful, but at the same time he said being airlifted was "super cool."

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  • Melody lopez

    Two very brave young men. I hope my son grows up to be like Steven! Praying for the brothers to recover quickly.

  • Steven/donovan/cousins forever

    I know u guys won’t belive me but Steven and donovan are like my brothers. We’ve known each other for like 9 years. And I know that Steven is ALWAYS looking after donovan. They play with each other mostly all the time. When they come over our house to swim, all they do is play with each other. I love those boys like brothers and im heart broken about what happened. Today I actually got to talk to Steven and I was happy to and I just saw his face on this video and it makes me even sadder but I will love to see them soon.

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