Chief stands firm on policy against releasing body camera video

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SAN DIEGO- In a forum to discuss the roll-out of police body cameras, defense attorneys, representatives from the ACLU and high ranking officers debated the policies surrounding the new technology.

While the body cameras have brought police complaints down 23 percent and allegations against police down 43 percent, the ACLU said that access to the videos is still difficult to attain.

Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman said the body camera video is evidence and should remain outside the public sphere to maintain the integrity of the investigation, but not everyone agrees.

“The point of the cameras is to gain back the public trust,” said Kellen Russoniello from the ACLU.

“If the public can’t see what the police are doing whats the point of the cameras.”


  • Show us the video!

    In response to all the Dirty Blue incidents we citizens have paid exceedingly for, it is completely unfair and unjust to even have to ask to see the footage! The Police are public servants and are paid and compensated quite well through public funds. They are to act at all times in the best interest of the public. If Shelly (more specifically ant DA and the Mayor) are concerned that this will bring scrutiny to their regime then they need to tighten up their departments. The only reason they are withholding video is to protect the Dirty Blue in their ranks and themselves. We the public are entitled to this free information. We paid for it. The Government works for us!

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