American Idol David Cook competes in trivia with Sam Rubin

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  • NyCArole (@NyCArole426)

    Great to see David Cook AI7 Champ and Carly Smithson both American Idol 7 together again!!! “ANNNNNNND he wins again!!” Competitive and mega talented, David Cook has just released his masterwork #DigitalVein! On TOUR and playing tonight at The Music Box…. don’t miss his LIVE ..crazy amazing performance of his #NewMusic!! #NoBodyDoesItBetter !!

  • Stella

    Please……the show was SEVEN YEARS ago. This is the worst interview I’ve seen done since this new album came out. YES it’s a long time ago. Try to come up with some original questions, about David as a musician and the new music he has out. And how awkward to have him stand in the middle.

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