Woman accused of DUI crash killing mother remains hospitalized

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SAN DIEGO – Officials Sunday released the name of the 50-year-old woman who was killed when her allegedly drunk daughter smashed her vehicle into a trash bin and two parked cars on Clairemont Drive.

Maria Isabel Villarreal, 50, was killed in the crash early Saturday, the San Diego County Medical Examiner reported.

Police had said Saturday that the daughter, 26, will be arrested for suspicion of felony drunken driving when she is released from a hospital.

Her car had smashed into two parked cars in the 3500 block of Clairemont Drive, about a quarter mile south of Balboa Avenue, at around 2:20 a.m., police said.

The car hit a dumpster, which caused it go airborne. It flipped and came to rest in the parking lot of St. Mark’s Nursery School.

Villarreal was pronounced dead at the scene, the M.E. said.

Her daughter suffered major injuries and was to be arrested for felony drunk driving upon medical clearance.


  • Emmett McMahon

    This is terrible, can you think of being that young woman knowing that your drunk driving was responsible for your own mother’s death ? Would like to know the BAC of both Mom and daughter.

      • Idiot liberals

        Well, let me correct my atheist/ idiot liberal friend: 1). The lady was drunk. God didn’t approve and neither do we humans. She got what she asked for and deserved.

        2). She was a liberal so it was a win-win for the community.

        Ha ha ha. Atheists are fun!

        • Logic

          What does it say when your attempt to satirize “idiot liberals” actually mostly made sense objectively?

          “The lady was drunk.” Yes, she was.

          “God didn’t approve and neither do we humans.” Even skirting the God exists/doesn’t exist issue…


          “She got what she asked for and deserved.” I know what you’re trying to get at, but the sentence actually has some truth to it — if you drive yourself and someone else while you’re drunk, you’ve significantly increased the risk of something like this happening.

          Obviously, no one “asks” for this to happen, but depending on your idea of what “deserve” means, she arguably “deserved” the car crashing and maybe even the death of her mother since “driving drunk and incredibly fast down a residential street at night” = “high likelihood of a major crash.” So, while it may be harsh to say that they “deserved” it, you certainly can’t say that it was bad luck or unfair or even “undeserving.” The daughter obviously didn’t get anything she didn’t deserve, and the mother…if she was drunk and allowed her daughter to drive drunk AND recklessly, the mother arguably didn’t necessarily get anything she didn’t deserve, either.

          That’s not the same as saying they got what they deserved. It’s just saying that life wasn’t being unfair to them.

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  • Barbie

    The article doesn’t say how the mother was killed. Was she sitting on top of the dumpster? Walking down the street? In the car? If she was in the car, why wasn’t she driving? Hmm. Maybe she was drunker than her daughter.

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  • John Carrasco

    People always have something to say, with no regard who they hurt with their comments, just judging as if they were God. When my son was killed 4 yrs ago by SDPD the comments went from bad to just plain awful, from people who had no idea who he was they just assumed he deserved to be shot 9 times. People really need to think before they speak, because they will never know if at one time in their judgemental life something similar can happen to them

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