Man suspected of beating woman unconscious arrested

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OCEANSIDE, Calif. – The man suspected of attacking a 67-year-old woman in Oceanside last week was arrested on the beach in Oceanside Sunday.

Lt. Taurino Valdovinos said lifeguards and citizens spotted suspect Issac Pettigrew on the sand near the pier at around 7:25 a.m.

Police were summoned to arrest Pettigrew, 31, in the 200 block of The Strand South. He surrendered without a struggle, the police officer said.

The suspect allegedly assaulted the elderly woman on Sep. 22. She was knocked out and suffered serious injuries, Valdovinos said.

Oceanside police did not know the motive for the beating.


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  • Barbara Hendricks

    Sad you can’t even walk your dog alone in this world anymore. What the other poster said doesn’t make sense and is actually stupid (that all they got was that black people can’t be trusted). It’s true that some can’t, but it’s also true that some white or mexican people can’t be trusted. The problem is you cannot tell by how someone looks whether you can trust them or not, so the best thing to do is be vigilant and protective of yourself. I never let myself be in any situation where ANYONE else could potentially harm me(I’m a woman but this should pertain to anyone really)….if I am by myself I make sure it’s broad daylight and lots of people are around. I just don’t go out alone after dark at all anymore. I sure hope that poor woman is okay. There is a special place in hell for that loser coward Pettigrew. If I ran this world eye-for-an-eye justice would prevail: Let someone come up and smack him upside the head when he least expects it, hard enough to make him fall and bust his head open.

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