Dogs saved from meat trade are ready for adoption

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SAN DIEGO -- Dogs rescued from the meat trade in South Korea and brought to San Diego last week will be available for adoption beginning Thursday, the local Humane Society announced Tuesday.

The 29 dogs, mostly mastiffs, were in good health -- save for one that tested positive for heartworms, San Diego Humane Society spokeswoman Kelli Schry said.

She said five of the canines, smaller Jindo-mixes, are extremely shy, so trainers are acclimating them to people and their new environment. The dogs have also been receiving their shots, and been neutered or spayed, she said.

Humane Society International flew about 100 dogs to San Francisco last week, and a rescue team from the local chapter brought just under one-third of them to San Diego.

Adoptions will begin on a first-come, first-served basis at 11 a.m. Thursday, according to Schry.

"Potential adopters should know all of the dogs are under-socialized -- they have never walked on leashes and most need to be carried,'' Schry said. "This last week was the first time they felt grass. They're not house-trained and have been used to sleeping in their own filth.''

She said they will need training, patience and understanding to help them become family members.


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