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Residents blame feral cats for building’s stench

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SAN DIEGO -- Ocean Beach residents are fighting to clean up a smelly situation involving feral cats, and they say the problem was caused by a cat lover.

According to neighbors, all but one unit at the apartment complex on Bacon Street and Santa Cruz Avenue are vacant, and feral cats have taken over.

Jacqueline Kowalik, who lives one door down from the apartment, said the problem is getting really bad.

“Cats everywhere -- they’re having little kittens everywhere,” said Kowalik. “There are feces are everywhere.”

According neighbors, the owner, who lives in a back unit upstairs, indiscriminately feeds the feral cats, who then breed and multiply, leaving a smelly mess.

“It’s really intense, you have to hold your breath when you walk by.”

FOX 5 tried to reach out to the owner but the calls went unanswered.

A local Ocean Beach Facebook posting about the issue quickly garnered hundreds of replies, all complaining about the building, the cats and the smell.

“It was just kind of funny, because as I saw that Facebook post. We have a very active community Facebook group,” said Kowalik. " I was on hold with animal services trying to figure out what to do, because with the heat that we’ve had, the smell has been a little bit more intense.”

San Diego County Animal Control said cats are only part of the problem.

“You’re not only feeding cats, you’re feeding everything else in the community,” said County Animal Control Deputy Director Daniel DeSousa. “So you’re drawing in mice, you’re drawing in rats, possums, skunks.”

However Animal Control said there isn’t much they can do to resolve the issue. They said there are no leash laws for cats, no laws have been broken and so far it’s not a public health issue.

“Cats are considered to be free roaming creatures so animal services cannot go out and just pick these cats up,” said DeSousa.

If residents are determined to alleviate the problem, they can set up traps and bring the animals to animal services, DeSousa said.





    Lookey here, this be that crazy, fat, Greek bitch that go by the name of Paola Tresco. Lawdy-lawdy do she smell like a wet fart….creepin around Ocean Beach in a mu-mu…weighin 400 pounds n such, sweatin on every-thang. Lawdy have mercy, they gonna find this bloated hoarder up in dat apartment one day and gonna need to take down a wall and get a fork lift to get dat damn body out!

    • Foxy

      Paola’s Brazilian but a beast none the less. Justice would be for that slum lord pig to die in her hole and be eaten by the same cats she’s feeding.

    • OB Res

      We lived in that place for a whole 17 days before we felt like she was going to sneak in in the middle of the night and hack us up!
      Foxy, she CLAIMS she’s Greek, although I never bought it.
      I hope they get her crazy a$$ locked up! She’s a nutbag!

  • George Black

    Leash laws apply to CATS in Chicago and fines apply.A person allowing a cat outdoors can be photographed and reported. The situation in Ocean Beach was created by ignorant and ngeligent residents allowing unfixed cats outdoors to breed freely. Residents who abandoned UNFIXED cats and residents who abandoned litters in the cover of night their UNFIXED cat gave birth to. Once a kitten is born on the streets and not taken into foster by 4 months they would need intemse fostering by a human to become adoptable. Gettig to them early is crucial. A female cat can produce a litter before she is one year old. Cats can have as many as 3 litters per year. Unless a a comprehensive Trap Neuter Return program is implemented situaion will worsen quickly, never end. SPAY/NEUTER crackdown needs to be done door to door, building to building .The woman feeding the cats is one person who felt sorry for all the residents abandoned cats. I see tis all the time though they don’t know how to reach out for help. Many feeders are afraid the cats willarge areas of our South Side. We haven’t had a kitten born on the streets for 5 years in a 6 block area that was once crowded with homeless cats. No Kills gave free surgeries and resident volunteers worked trapping and registering the cats to local Creatkers UNDER OUR Feral Cat Management Ordinance. They are required to have outdoor litter boxes on their property and keep them clean. We have NO RODENTS in our area.Through attrition, death and cats being adopted by residents at times, the population has dropped by 40 % in 5 years. It is the only solution for an American made epidemic and doesn’t cost taxpayers a penny. I didn’t even now what TNR was 5 years ago and now volunteer regulalry because TNR is so effective and humane. You can correct the population in Ocean Beach within a year.I have TNR’d over 2500 cats in Chicago.l be taken and killed at a municpal shelter if they are feral/unadoptable. 50 % of Americans in general have total disregard when it comes to the responsibility of PET CARE. I am a volunteer in Chicago where we have epidemic numbers and I can tell you Trap Neuter Return has worked amazingly and swiftly in my Barrio and

  • thechurchofchrismartin

    Ocean Beach residents: I am sure that this is a bad situation here. However, I have sent a message to the Feral Cat Coalition, ( asking them to look into this. They can trap, spay & neuter the loose cats and try and find them homes. Please do not treat these cats cruelly. I have a beautiful feral cat that I adopted from the OB rock jetties and while this cat is skittish, it is also quite sweet and loving.

  • Erica Salcuni

    This woman evicted my friends after 5 days because they “didn’t fit the look.” I guess the “look” is a disgusting litter box and they were a bit too clean. This type of landlord is atrocious. Private property or not, it is not ok to be a stain on the community in which you do business.


    Now looky here, dis Paola be a beast and a scourge to the kindly folk of 9210B. Once upon a time I be livin on the 1st floor of dis here shithole for 18 months (was not so bad at the time). Paola would come by twice a day from her other building on Saratoga and dump a 5 pound bag of cat food into a huge pan that one might use to change the oil on they car. The cats be comin from near and far to feast at the free buffet. Next thang ya know, Dees damn racoons and opossums be coming to eat for free too. Was a damn sight I tell ya. Then, once the sun went down things got really interesting. Them damned old coons be fightin with them possum who be fightin with demand cats. Sounded like someone gettin raped in der on tha nightly I tell you.

    I also sometime paid Paola in cash which was a HUGE mistake (I was young). When I was set to move out, dis bitch said I owed her for several months rent…even though I had a receipt she had given me. Said it wasn’t her hand writing and she would sue me and ruin my credit. Had to pay up cause I was a young fool. I should have sued her. Live and learn. She be a crazy ass ho.

    • Bob Rock

      Lol. I can still remember vividly when them coons & possums would fight with dem cats over the cat food just like it was yesterday. Ahhh the aroma of fresh cat shit on my door step every morning.

  • Bob Rock

    I use to live in that apartment building about 10 years ago and there were stray cats all over the place back then. Paula is one crazy lady! She feeds the cats and flipped out on my roommate when he mentioned that he could help her get rid of them.
    We should have listened to the mail lady who told us to run away when we were looking at the apartment. She also owns the building on Saratoga & Abbott, which also had a cat problem.

  • briantologee

    That’s a very deceptive headline. Looks more like the residents blame the owner… which is absolutely correct. Very careless of her, she should help to fix the problem in a humane way.

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