Photo of mom holding newborn sheds light on postpartum depression

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PHOENIX — A photo of a Phoenix mother in tears and holding her 3-day-old baby has sparked a conversation about the struggles of being a new mom.

In the photo, new mother Danielle Haines describes herself as a mess. She said she was tired and overcome with emotion just days after giving birth, KPHO reported.

The photo has resonated with mothers around the world who said they’ve experienced the same thing.

“It was just real, it was honest,” Haines said, who she now sees the beauty in the photo taken of her three days after she gave birth to her son, Ocean.

“I hadn’t really slept since I gave birth,” Haines said. “My nipples were cracked and bleeding. My emotions were super open.”

It was then that her friend Sarah Carter dropped by to bring dinner.

“She looked incredible,” Carter said. “She had the new-mom glow, the nervousness, the excitement. There’s so much that comes with it and she embodied that in that moment and she was beautiful to me.”

“She just sat down with me lovingly and said, ‘I’ve been right where you’re at, I know what you’re feeling,’” Haines said.


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