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Chris Brown named in investigation outside strip club

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FEDERAL HEIGHTS, Colo. -- Chris Brown has been named a “person of interest” in an alleged assault outside of a metro strip club.

On Monday night, Platinum 84 strip club in Federal Heights in Colorado hosted rappers French Montana, Fetty Wap and Chris Brown.  They were in town shooting a new music video, FOX31 reported.

“Right here is where they all, had done most of the music shooting, had the girls on stage dancing,” said Scott Richter, Head of Operations for Platinum 84.  “Totally not what you would expect, I mean just great people."

“I’ve never seen the club that packed,” said a dancer at the club, who made an appearance in the video, but doesn’t want to be named.

She and several other women were also invited onto Chris Brown’s tour bus when the video shoot wrapped.

“The bus was parked on the street,” Richter said. “Chris Brown wasn’t on the bus when we got on so we were all on our phones."

In the surveillance video obtained by TMZ, you see Brown get on the bus, the witness said, he asked everyone to hand over their phones and all but one woman agreed.

“He very nicely took it out of her hand and turned around to give it to his bodyguard...then she jumped on his back,” the witness said. “She put her arms over his shoulders and reached in front of his chest to try and grab her phone while he was handing it to his bodyguard."

The woman told police she was forcibly thrown off the bus, her cell phone was broken in the mele, FOX31 reported.

The dancer said Brown didn’t touch the woman, it was his bodyguard who picked her up and set her down outside the bus.

“We couldn’t see the door of the bus on our cameras,” Richter said.

From the clubs cameras, you see that woman run across the street then back to the bus several times.

“She was like 'my purse is on the bus' flipping on trying to run back on. lLiterally trying to run and ram into the bodyguard trying to get on,” the witness said.

“She didn’t follow the directions.  It was their tour bus and she was a guest in their house,” said Richter.

Federal Heights police said they are re-interviewing several people who were on the bus that night, including the woman who filed the report.

A decision on whether to hand the third degree assault case to prosecutors is expected to be made Monday.

The alleged victim has not been named and could not be reached for comment.

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